Corporate International Services

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Our E-Export Services

We are becoming the bridge to e-export with our full integration solution, where our customers engaged in cross-border e-commerce can manage all order and logistics processes with an end-to-end approach!

Apart from our Express services that we provide with international integrators;

Aras Europe Service: For shipments under 150 € with an IOSS number sent to European Union countries, we provide this service to deliver to countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria within a maximum of 4 days after the package arrives at our Istanbul operation center.

Aras Azerbaijan: With the featured integration infrastructure that we created for Azerbaijan, which is an important e-export market, we deliver packages that the final customer's purchase directly from the relevant site to his/her door or to the desired delivery point.

Nearby Regions: We provide road transport service that we established with our regional supplier collaboration special to Bulgaria and Greece for the e-export companies with IOSS number.