Value-Added Services

Thanks to Aras Tahsilatlı, which provides easy terms of payment at home during the delivery of orders, the delivery of the product you sell to the customer, the collection of the product price from the customer, and its transfer to your bank account are entirely under the guarantee of ARAS KARGO. Offering cash and credit card payment options, we collect your product price from the recipient at home and send it to your account.

What Makes the Aras Tahsilatlı Service so Special?

With our Aras Tahsilatlı Delivery service, we collect the product price of the order from the recipient during the delivery and transfer it to your bank account.

Aras Tahsilatlı

Who Can Use Aras Tahsilatlı?

All Aras Kargo customers with a commercial title and have Aras Tahsilatlı contract can use this service.

In particular, our customers,

  • who sell products through electronic commerce (internet, TV, telephone, etc.),

  • who want to offer ‘the option to pay the product price at the delivery’,

  • who want to reach a wide consumer potential independent of their location,

may prefer our Aras Tahsilatlı Delivery service.