Technology Carries Importance at Aras

Continuous progress, improvement and development and producing the technologies of tomorrow carries importance at Aras.

One of our primary goals is to attract talented individuals who have their hearts set on technology. We aim to fill open positions in software, hardware, project management, and business analysis at Aras Kargo throughout the year, and to provide ongoing support for their development. You can learn about and apply for open positions in our Information Technology department on LinkedIn, and
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Our Working Environment

We are developing new work models that meet the expectations of our employees and the needs of our company, and we offer our technology teams the opportunity to work in a free and comfortable environment.

Aras Kargo Technology Team Testimonials
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I am pleased to be working with the Aras Kargo technology team on a visionary and exciting project, such as the Aras Routing Platform. The fact that the project contributes to both my personal development and that of Aras Kargo's customers is the most important motivation for me.
Sibel Özdemir
Senior Business Analysis Specialist
Aras Kargo Technology Team Testimonials
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First of all, I would like to thank the Aras Kargo family who trusted me during my internship and now in my first work experience. We have a team that is very enthusiastic and always wants to improve itself and does not get enough of learning. As new graduates, we need to gain new competencies both technically and personally at this time;working on many projects in different fields allows us to approach the technology production process in a multidimensional way. For this reason , I think that Aras Kargo technology team is the right choice for those who want to improve themselves.
Samet Özsoy
Software Development Assistant Specialist

Aras Digital

Our new subsidiary, Aras Digital, which was founded on the basis of our many years of technology experience in the parcel delivery sector and our title as a technology manufacturer, provides software solutions and technical consulting services on the domestic and international markets.