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Become Agent

Become an Aras Kargo agent, and let’s carry importance together.

Become an Aras Kargo agent, and let’s carry importance together.

We started our first studies on this subject in 1994 by pioneering the first agency model in the sector. We are improving the agency system we established in 2003 every year. We are designing the delivery experience of the future today by transforming from an operation company into a technology company with the investments and transformation projects we started in 2016.

Thanks to our investments aimed at providing speed, flexibility, and personalized service, we offer a brand-new delivery experience by responding to the rapidly changing expectations of our customers and the dynamic conditions of the sector, and we continue to grow together with our business partners in numerous projects that we have implemented without compromising on quality.

Qualifications for Agent Candidates
  • Doing business with an entrepreneurial spirit, passion for success and high energy
  • Having experience in human resources and financial management and a successful career history
  • Having an innovative perspective and an advanced vision that can act in line with changing customer expectations and company strategies
  • Having the skills to successfully manage the operational processes required by the parcel delivery sector
  • Having the financial means to meet the investments and costs required by being an agent

Benefits of Being an Aras Kargo Agent

Leading delivery company in the industry.

Stays up to date with technological investments.

Innovative; equipped with a structure that can adapt to changing conditions.

The company that is ‘Providing the Best E-Commerce Experience’ in the sector.

Places utmost importance on training with the Aras Academy platform.

Works with its business partners based on a Win-Win model.

Has an experienced team that can provide support in all processes.

How to Become an Aras Kargo Agent?

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