Aras Kargo Damage Compensation

Aras Kargo A.Ş.
Damage Compensation Procedure

We apply the following procedure for compensation claims received and to be received from our customers concerning the service we provide.

Application for Compensation:

The customer (the recipient or the sender) must apply to the service unit, from/at which the shipment departs or arrives, or to the Regional Directorate, to which the service unit is affiliated, with a written petition. 3rd parties who are not in the position of the sender or recipient of the shipment cannot apply for compensation. In the case of an online compensation application, the signed version of the compensation petition should be uploaded to the system during the application. The original document should then be sent to the address of Aras Kargo’s head office as well.

Click here for the compensation petition.

Information to be Included in the Compensation Petition;

Documents to be Attached to the Application Petition,

  • The photocopy of the warehouse delivery receipt (if any, must be submitted)
  • In case of damage/loss, an official document documenting the value of the shipment content, (selling invoice for the product shipped, otherwise purchasing invoice, receipt, etc.), an invoice of a similar product if there is no product document, as well as waybill of the product for the date of transportation in commercial shipments (“The waybill must be issued in accordance with subparagraph (5) of Article 230 of the Tax Procedure Law No. 213”)
  • If the content of the shipment is a product to be repaired, the service form, the invoice for the repair, the invoices for the changed parts, and the photo of the damaged product

Compensation File Evaluation Process


After the investigation and opinion request process are completed, the Regional Directorate submits the file to the approval of the General Directorate along with its positive or negative opinion on the file.

The complete delivery of the documents requested above does not indicate any certainty concerning whether or not the compensation request will be accepted. Aras Kargo A.Ş. has the right to reject the compensation claim according to the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 and the relevant legislation by examining the information/documents requested as a result of the investigation, opinions, and evaluations.