Become an Aras Burası Access Point

Become an Aras Burası Access Point

Let your business become an Aras Burası access point; increase your customer traffic and also your income...

How about increasing the customer traffic of your business?

A brand-new additional income opportunity providing both the delivery of shipments from your business and the return shipment pickup services: Aras Burası!

From grocery to stationery, from site security to tailor, your place, too, can be an Aras Burası point, earn money as you deliver Aras Kargo shipments and provide return shipment pick-up service, and thus promote your enterprise among potential customers.

What is Aras Burası?​

Aras Burası pop-up stores are simply the workplaces that deliver the shipments that our customers order during their online shopping, from the nearest point of their choice on behalf of Aras Kargo, and recevies the shipments that the customers want to return.

The Benefits of Being an Aras Burası Access Point

New Customers

It provides an opportunity to gain new potential customers without investing and spending time.

Additional Income

You will receive cost-free income for each order delivered to or returned from the customer. The incoming customer can also purchase their daily needs from your business.

Increasing Recognition

The recognition of your business increases in your location and you meet new customers.

Aras Kargo Assurance

You increase the reliability of your business with the collaboration you will make with Aras Kargo, one of the leading companies in the Turkish parcel delivery sector.

Adds Value to Our Country

You contribute to the value of our country thanks to the customer satisfaction that the service has received and the time it will have saved.

How Does Aras Burası Work?



A Word from Aras Burası Access Points

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