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Become Our Customer Become Our Customer

Aras Routing Platform

The satisfaction of your customers carries importance for us!

We have designed a delivery experience that places your customers at the center with the Aras Routing Platform. Your customers now are able to choose how and where to receive their shipment regardless of time and place.

  • The Aras Routing Platform makes the life of the employee and the customer much easier both in terms of time management and flexibility. Thus, it makes it possible to follow detailed customer interaction.
  • Our couriers can easily perform all delivery operations with their mobile phones and shipment delivery durations are shortened with navigation and route planning.
  • Our couriers can document that they arrived at the address. Thus, detailed customer interaction can be tracked.
  • Thanks to uninterrupted communication and application support for customers, our customers can track their deliveries stop-by-stop, redirect them to the Aras Burası access points, change the address until the delivery time, or postpone the delivery time to the next day.
  • We manage all these processes with advanced and lean dashboard designs.
  • We conduct an efficient last mile delivery and field management with the Aras Routing Platform. Thus, we enhance your customer satisfaction.