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Aras E-Payment

Delivery payments are one click away...

You can prefer our e-payment solution to pay your corporate shipping bills via credit card or virtual card over the internet 24/7.

By carrying the collection system to the technological platform, it is now very easy to eliminate the intermediary in your payments. Our corporate customers can benefit from the e-payment option we have developed as an alternative to cash, check, bank transfer, and Mobile Pos for free.

You can pay your invoices easily from the e-payment screen by entering the Customer Information System via the web with your username and password defined specifically for you.

You can make your e-payment using any of the following payment options:

  • Payment by entering the amount with a credit card
  • Payment by invoice with a credit card

You will be able to see that all the payments you have made are available to be viewed in the account instantly and you will be able to create your payment plan based on your due payment date.

You can also give direct debit orders and ensure that your invoices are paid automatically before the payment deadline.

In addition, you can make your payments with all the credit cards you have regardless of the bank. Your card information will be secured with the Merchant Safe Unipay Security Service.

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