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We are globalizing Türkiye's e-exports through the acquisition of Starex, a leading shipping company as well as a major e-export market in Azerbaijan.

Following the acquisition of 75% shares in Starex, one of Azerbaijan's top shipping companies, we have now made the first step towards achieving our goal of expanding into international markets. Starex will operate under the name 'Aras Global' as Aras Kargo and will provide shipping services in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan to enjoy a much better delivery experience.

Azerbaijani citizens buying products from Turkish e-commerce companies will have access to end-to-end delivery services without intermediaries. Thanks to Aras Kargo's investment in Starex, our customers across the Azerbaijan market will be able to enjoy an exceptional delivery service.

Azerbaijan is set to expand its e-commerce volume.

This merger will also boost e-commerce in Azerbaijan. Aras Global's and Starex's extensive delivery networks will provide customers with a faster and more reliable shipping experience. Turkish e-commerce companies will also have easier access to Azerbaijani consumers, which will allow them to gain a competitive advantage. Our goal is to lead the development of e-commerce by consistently providing our customers with the best service and competitive advantage.