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Water container for stray animals by Aras Kargo

Aras Kargo is mobilized for stray animals having difficulty in finding water during the sweltering summer months. Aras Kargo, keeping water containers in front of all branches, regional directorates and hub centers, has distributed a total of 850 water containers so far.

Aras Kargo, attracting attention for its environmentally friendly practices as well as its activities for well-being of stray animals, this year also started to make available water containers in front of its all branches, regional directorates and hub centers in order to prevent dehydration of animals during sweltering summer months. Aras Kargo has distributed thousands of water containers throughout the country with this campaign launched in 2014.

Aras Kargo General Manager Uyku Ayyarkın stating that Aras Kargo continues its endeavors with a more livable vision of a world for future generations, has said that; "The survival struggle of stray animals, which is quite challenging, is even more severe with the beginning of the summer months. In order to support the stray animals that have difficulty in finding water and to make it easier for them to get through this period, Aras Kargo has been keeping water containers in front of all our regional directorates and hub centers for many years."

Indicating that Aras Kargo's projects focused on adding value to the community and protecting the environment will continue after now as it has been so far, Ayyarkın said that: "With the Nature Friendly Aras platform we created in 2014, we cleaned Turkey's coasts and prevented more than 3 tons of waste from entering our seas so far. 8 years ago, we established Turkey's largest fleet of electric vehicles and significantly reduced carbon emissions. We use eco-friendly materials in our cargo bags as well as saving 25 percent energy with the LED lighting and photocell systems we use in our hub centers. In 2007, we collaborated with Çekül to launch the 'Green for life, life for green' project as part of the fight against global warming. We planted approximately 140,000 saplings in Sivas Divriği, Elazığ Sivrice, Izmir Seferihisar and Istanbul Kemerburgaz in 5 years in accordance with the topography of the region and contributed to the increase in green areas in our country.
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