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Valentine’s Day Campaign from Aras Kargo

Aras Kargo offers special discounts and advantages for “Aras Randevulu” and “Aras Gunaydin” services between 9-13 February.

Turkey’s leading and innovative company Aras Kargo offers advantage campaigns prepared specifically for Valentine’s Day. Those who prefer Aras Gunaydin or Aras Randevulu services for their shipments between 9-13 February will be able to benefit from advantageous and discounted campaigns of Aras Kargo.

For cautious lovers: “Aras Randevulu” service is free

Aras Kargo offers “Aras Randevulu” service, which allows sender to determine the exact delivery day, for standard shipment fee to cautious customers who would like their lovers to receive their gifts on the day they choose.

For the last minute scorers: “Send your gift on 13th February, it will be delivered on the 14th by 10.00 am”

Those who are indecisive about their gifts and leave it to the last day can benefit from 30% special discount Aras Gunaydin, which delivers a shipment the next day by 10.00 am.

There is a 30% discount between 9-13 February for packaging solutions of Aras Kargo as well.

Tüm bu gönderilerde 9-13 Şubat tarihleri arasında Aras Kargo’nun paketleme çözümlerinde de yüzde 30 indirim fırsatı bulunuyor.

Different solutions for different needs of different customers

Commercial Chairman of Aras Kargo, which has the largest distribution network in Turkey, Erkin Murat Kucuk said the following about the campaign and services of Aras Kargo, “We work in an extremely operational field in service industry. We have different customers and they have different needs. We provide a service variety beyond conventional standard cargo shipments in order to meet these needs. It is perfectly normal for an individual or corporate customer to expect its shipments to be delivered the next morning or on a date it determines. The important thing is to respond to these needs in a way that makes life and business easier.”

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