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Utku Ayyarkın is appointed as Aras Kargo General Manager

Aras Kargo handed over the flag to Utku Ayyarkın, deputy general director responsible for the operations having 15 years of experience.

Aras Kargo Genel Müdürlüğü’ne Utku Ayyarkın atandı

Ayyarkın started his career in the cargo sector in 2004 as an agent in Aras Kargo, shortly thereafter joined Aras Kargo and appointed as Deputy Director of Samsun region. Ayyarkın became the Trabzon regional director in 2007 and appointed as agents director in 2008 to manage the agency transformation project which was one of the most important steps of the company reconstruction. In a period of 1.5 years, he contributed to the transformation by increasing agent rate from 12% to 70%. He served as regional director in Istanbul between 2010 and 2013 years. Ayyarkın, who was appointed as the Director of strategy and business development of Aras Kargo in 2013, directed the process of establishing the company"s 5-year strategic plans. In 2014, he took an important role in the planning and implementation of technological investments as Deputy General Director of Operations. Between 2016 and 2018, he led sales teams in the company"s double-digit growth during these periods as deputy general director for sales. As of April 2018, he assumed the role of deputy general director for operations and channel management in order to apply optimization projects and technological infrastructure investments into company.

Utku Ayyarkın, who served in all levels of the company with his knowledge and experience on the journey of Aras Kargo"s being “Company of 100 Years," is appointed as general manager and took over the flag in May.

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