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Utku Ayyarkın, General Manager and Board Member of Aras Kargo, addressed the meeting, which was well-attended by executives of 200 companies

Corporate values are equally important as financial profits

Executives and senior managers across 200 companies gathered for a "Vision 100" meeting on "Corporate Values" organized with the contributions of Aras Kargo. Utku Ayyarkın, General Manager and Board Member at Aras Kargo, who hosted the meeting, strongly advised that it is essential for companies to focus on corporate values, rather than merely relying on financial profit. In a survey conducted during the meeting; business continuity, employee rights and happiness, going green, and equal opportunity principle were among the values that were highly recognized.

The "Corporate Values - Vision 100" meeting, sponsored by Aras Kargo, a leading and innovative shipping company in Türkiye, was attended by senior executives from nearly 200 companies, most of whom were CEOs. The meeting, which convened on May 30, 2023, featured 20 top executives from different companies. Based on the survey conducted among the meeting participants, the most prized corporate values were business continuity, employee rights and happiness, green transformation, carbon emissions, waste management, equality of opportunity in education and health, as well as natural disasters and public awareness.

Aras Kargo General Manager and Board Member Utku Ayyarkın, who masterminded the meeting, assessed the outcome: "Today, we need to talk not only about finance but also about creating corporate values. It is very much important what these values contribute to society, employees, and customers. Values that were noticeable based on the survey results among the conference participants reveal that companies are focusing on environmental awareness, business continuity, employee rights and happiness, and also equality of opportunity."

Green transformation proves to be vitally important

Ayyarkın noted that environmental awareness is becoming more and more crucial: "Companies around the world are struggling to keep up with technological advances and secure energy, raw materials, and skilled human resources. Meanwhile, resources cannot be stretched as fast as the world's population is growing, so future generations will have less access to them. The climate crisis we are facing poses a multitude of challenges, including food production and access to water resources. Faced with these urgent challenges, countries and organizations are committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The green transition, integrated agricultural policies, and technological improvements in the agricultural sector are essential to achieving these goals.

Happy employees increase productivity by more than 25%

Speaking on the critical importance of talent retention, Ayyarkın commented: "Regardless of the sector, organizations are struggling to find the talent they require, so the cost of losing talent is also escalating. On the other hand, it is estimated that employee happiness increases productivity by more than 25%, so employee rights and happiness is one of the most important priorities for companies."

Equal opportunity is key to social progress

Mr. Ayyarkın concluded: "The most important factor in rapidly increasing the progressive potential of the society is to empower all its members, and this is only possible when there are equal opportunities in business as well as education. Now, with the help of technological advances, any individual is capable of doing literally everything. We need to recognize that and build upon its potential."
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