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The choice of SME's in e-commerce is again Aras Kargo this year

Aras Kargo at the top of e-commerce

Aras Kargo became "The most preferred cargo company for SME"s" this year” according to 2018 SME E-Commerce Report prepared by assessing more than 4 million orders.

Aras Kargo’nun yönetiminde esitlik var

The pioneering and innovative company of the sector, Aras Kargo, continues its efforts and improvements to ensure that our country can fully reveal its e-commerce potential and enable industry utilizing its global growth potential in the best possible way. Aras Kargo, focusing on technological infrastructure investments, has become the most preferred shipment company for SME"s, according to the SME E-Commerce Report prepared by the e-commerce infrastructure company, Ideasoft.

Aras Kargo Took the First Place With 33 Percent

In order to reveal the e-commerce processes of SME"s, more than 4 million orders were reviewed last year in the scope of the report published since 2013. Aras Kargo, took the first place with 33 percent preference in shipping company choice of SMEs for their shipment orders demonstrated the success of being the most preferred Shipment Company in the last two years in a row. According to the report, orders from e-commerce websites increased by 44 percent compared to the previous year, reaching 4 million 482 thousand. While the ratio of mobile devices increased in shopping preferences, the number of orders placed from mobile devices passed the orders placed through desktop computers for the first time last year. More than half of the total online shopping was carried out in Marmara Region and it was Monday the day on which most order was placed with 18.50 percent.

Technological Investment in Hub Centers

Aras Kargo celebrating its 40th anniversary in the sector this year non-stop continues its technological infrastructure investments in order to benefit from current growth potential of the e-commerce sector in the most effective way. The Company will renovate its major hub centers in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir with new investments planned until 2020. Following renovation in Izmir and Istanbul by implementation of operations through sorter system in the 2nd quarter of 2019, Ankara hub is also planned to be completed within this year. Aras Kargo renewed one of the largest hub center Ikitelli technologically with respect to square meter and operation in 2017 and transfer center capacity was increased from 5 thousand 500 per hour shipment to 15 thousand with this investment.

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