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The Children-Only Aras Kargo Branch KidZania enters into service

The Children-Only Aras Kargo Branch KidZania enters into service

The Country of Children KidZania, the delivery branch designed for children of Aras Kargo, Turkey’s leading and innovative delivery company, entered into service. KidZania’s delivery activity, which offers children a learning experience while having fun, has been designed as a miniature Aras Kargo branch. In this activity, there are various tasks where children can experience the delivery process, which is now more involved in everyday life.

The Country of Children KidZania, the Aras Kargo Branch opened in Istanbul, where children experience more than 100 professions, will offer children the opportunity to experience the delivery profession. The Aras Kargo KidZania Branch, the opening ceremony of which was held on March 10, 2022, was designed in such a way that children learn about the world of delivery employees and the delivery profession, which they have encountered more intensively recently. In the activity area designed as a delivery branch, children will be able to wear courier clothes and perform many tasks from driving delivery vehicles to delivering shipments and comprehending the functioning of the delivery sector while having fun.

“We are excited to give children the delivery experience”

Speaking at the opening of the KidZania Branch, Utku Ayyarkın, the General Manager of Aras Kargo, said that “We consider it an important responsibility to contribute to the education and development of our children, who are our future and hope, in every field. Our children must understand the functioning of life and the economic system, and professions, both for their development and their parents. In this children-only branch, KidZania Istanbul, we want that our children, the guarantee of our future, feel this profession in every aspect and experience firsthand how the delivery business and couriers contribute to our lives. I wish that this branch, where both children and their parents can have a pleasant time together and learn new things, will be useful and auspicious, and I thank all my colleagues and KidZania officials for the effort they have put into this.”

Billur Burkutoğlu, the Deputy General Manager of Marketing at Aras Kargo, said that “We are excited to provide our children with a delivery experience in this area that we have opened at KidZania Istanbul. Children need to recognize the professions, business areas, and functioning that ensure the flow of life at an early age to be able to make sense of the world they live in. KidZania fulfills an important responsibility in this area. As the leading company in the delivery sector, we have created this activity area to enable children to experience the journey of delivery face-to-face and learn the basic information about this profession by having fun.

During the pandemic process, the work intensity in the delivery sector has increased a lot. Especially during the period spent at home, children also encountered delivery employees more often during the online education process. They left messages on the doors for their brothers and sisters who were carrying shipments. Now they will have the opportunity to experience their profession with their brothers and sisters, for whom they left messages. They will have the opportunity to see all the stages of the service we offer and the products and services that are the carriers of the process together in this event area with the appearance of the Aras Kargo branch.”

Stating that KidZania is the first institution to implement the concept of learning by having fun defined as ‘edutainment’, Ebru Timur, the General Manager of KidZania, said that “Children have the opportunity to develop their abilities while gaining new skills and values through the role-playing learning method at KidZania. They experience being individuals in society by working as a team with their peers whom they met for the first time. We are very happy to have entrusted our courier activity, which is one of the professions that children can experience within KidZania, to Aras Kargo in cooperation with Aras Kargo. We always emphasize that KidZania is a country of children and think that it is important that every area in life finds a presence in KidZania in this regard. Children have the opportunity to gain communication, motor skills, cooperation, helping others, attention, and direction-finding skills while developing the values of responsibility, solidarity, and self-confidence in KidZania Aras Kargo activity."
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