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Thanks to the Aras Burası, both the customers and the tradespeople are happy

"Aras Kargo has been expanding its investments and applications with a focus on perfecting end-to-end technology and customer experience, which it has been maintaining since 2016. With the changing consumer habits, focusing on alternative delivery to address model, out-of-home delivery solutions, Aras Kargo has reached approximately 2 thousand Aras Burası access points in a short time. Aras Burası, which consists of pop-up stores and parcel lockers, meets the expectations of customers for flexible delivery and provides additional income to the tradespeople. In addition to the shipment deliveries, the return of the e-commerce shipments, which are an important process for the consumer, will be made easily from the Aras Burası pop-up stores in the near future. \n

\nAras Kargo will also provide service 7 days a week from Aras Burası pop-up stores to holiday towns and resorts where the demand for delivery increases seasonally and delivery service is provided on certain days of the week with mobile service. \n

\nAras Kargo, Turkey's leading and innovative delivery company, has launched the era of much faster, practical, traceable, and personalized shipping delivery with the Aras Burası service, which allows customers to pick up their shipments anytime and anywhere they wish. With Aras Burası, customers can receive their shipments from the nearest pop-up stores or from parcel lockers located in many locations, which are available 24/7. Aras Burası facilitates the life of customers and offers thousands of tradespeople the opportunity to earn additional income. Businesses that wish to participate in this network can easily apply via Aras Kargo's website.\n

\n2 million out-of-home deliveries in 2022 \n

\nUtku Ayyarkın, the General Manager of Aras Kargo, stated \"We are facing a generation that has grown up intertwined with technology and, accordingly, with different consumption habits. With the rise of online shopping and the record level of business volume growth in the last two years, the need in this area has been seen more clearly. Our customers want to be able now to choose how and where to receive deliveries regardless of time and place. The Aras Buradsı is an innovation that we have implemented in order to respond to the expectation of flexible delivery. These access points can be selected as delivery points for orders placed from e-commerce sites and marketplaces. Thanks to the Aras Burası points, which are found in locations that are easily accessible to our customers, we deliver your shipment from the nearest pop-up store wherever you are, or from parcel lockers 24/7, even if it is outside of working hours. In the project that we started in August, we reached about 2,000 Aras Burası access points in a short time. We plan that the Aras Burası network spreading rapidly will reach 3.000 points by the end of this year and that we make 2 million deliveries from these points.” \n

\n“Together with our tradespeople, we will deliver their shipments to the holiday residents 7 days a week” \n

\nUnderlining that delivery volume has increased in touristic regions with the approach of the summer season, Ayyarkın mentioned the benefits of meeting this seasonally increasing demand of Aras Burası points; “We provide services with our tradespeople with over 200 Aras Burası pop-up stores in holiday places with seasonal density, such as Bodrum, Kuşadası, Çeşme. We are planning to concentrate our 7/24 parcel lockers of Aras Burası in these regions as well. We provide service 7 days a week along with our tradespeople in districts and towns where service can be provided on certain days of the week with mobile service. Our holiday residents can now receive their deliveries much faster and at any time from the nearest pop-up store of Aras Burası.” \n

\nReturns for e-commerce orders can also be made to these points \n

\nIn addition to shipment, Aras Burası will also serve for the return of e-commerce orders. We expect that the return service through the Aras Burası points, which will be activated in a short time, will provide a permanent and effective solution to order returns, especially in holiday places where there are few branches.\n

\nVodafone Business campaign special for Aras Burası pop-up stores\n

\nThe workplaces which are Aras Burası point will be able to benefit from the advantages specially prepared for Aras Burası pop-up stores within the scope of Vodafone Business cooperation. The workplaces, which are Aras Burası points, will be able to view Vodafone Business's discounted Internet at Office offers and complete their applications in infrastructure queries they make using the web link of Internet at Office specially prepared by Vodafone for Aras Burası points. They will be able to benefit from the 3GB internet gift valid for 12 months in addition to the tariff they have chosen using the internet connection specially prepared for them."
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