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Target of Aras Kargo is 20% growth through digitalization

Aras Kargo is getting prepared for new partnerships to increase its overseas e-commerce customer share

Target of Aras Kargo is 20% growth through digitalization

After completed 2017 with a turnover over 1 billion TL, Aras Kargo plans to achieve a growth about 20 percent in 2018. The company designing its growth strategy on digitalization turned its direction to cross-border e-commerce customers. Aras Kargo reached an agreement with the global e-commerce giant Alibaba last year, now aims to continue similar cooperation activities in 2018 based on investments made in digitalization.

Aras Kargo sustaining its investments with the vision of becoming a global trademark announced its financial indicators for the year 2017. Aras Kargo delivering approximately 500,000 shipment daily with a total of 12 thousand employees, more than 4 thousand vehicles and 29 transfer hub, completed the year 2017 with a turnover of more than 1 billion TL.

The company has signed an agreement with Alibaba, one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world in the last quarter of last year and now focuses on cross-border e-commerce customers with the target of becoming one of the most important players of e-commerce in the cargo sector in line with its vision of growth and digitization. The company aim to close the year 2018 with a growth rate of 20% while getting prepared for new cooperation opportunities with international e-commerce platforms in this regard.

Speaking about 2017 growth figures and the future growth target of Company, Aras Kargo General Manager Hikmet Nuri Bulduk said that; "Our company is the pioneer in delivery sector having the most extensive access network. Our target is to improve traditional shipment management to the highest level in accordance with changing conditions of our day and customer expectations and to utilize the commercial potential of our country at home and abroad in the most accurate way."


Bulduk continued his words: "We continue to reinforce our leadership in the sector with new projects and technological applications that we implement in order to improve customer satisfaction. We continue enhancing our efficiency in both operational and business processes, especially within the framework of digital transformation plans."

Bulduk underlined that they will continue to invest in smart technologies and technological transfer hubs without slowing down and he said; "We plan to increase our growth, productivity, profitability and competitive potential, and to grow by 20 percent in 2018. In line with our growth targets and increasing business volume, we aim to create new jobs for 80 positions with regards to white collar employees and 650 positions for blue collar employees. We also continue to invest in technological infrastructure to benefit from the current growth potential of e-commerce industry in the best possible way. We have plans to open 5 big technological transfer hub with an investment of 30 million Euros in five big cities of Turkey; Ankara, İstanbul Anatolia, İzmir and Bursa by 2020. In addition to increase in capacity and productivity we will make more savings in this way. We will offer solutions that improve customer satisfaction more."

Courier tracking through GPS increased efficiency by 10 percent

Bulduk stated that shipments must be delivered in due time and safely manner in order to keep up with the increase in the e-commerce volume and to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level and he said that "In Aras Kargo, we are taking important steps especially regarding " shipments not delivered on time." We ensured a 10% increase in the rate of processing at the address by means of courier tracking through hand terminal with GPS. We aim to ensure at least 96 percent timely delivery by improving this success achieved in a short time. No delivery company in the world can make this rate 100 percent."

"Instant Tracking with Kargom Nerede"

 Aras Kargo General Manager Hikmet Nuri Bulduk stated that they plan to introduce another novelty in the sector by activating "Kargom Nerede" application on the map and said that "Our customers can track the process in more detail from dispatch to delivery up to delivery with this system by entering Cargo Tracking Number from mobile phones or computers. In addition to these projects, we intend to further reduce carbon emissions with our environmentally friendly vision by developing courier driving techniques with an advanced vehicle tracking system called Black Box in cargo vehicles. All operational digital processes will give us all the information from the late shift of gear by driver to the tire air, engine failure as well as on-time delivery of the shipment. This year, we also plan to implement a first in our sector in the world. We will soon begin to manage all of our operational processes over ERP (enterprise resource planning)."
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