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Stars of Turkey Edition


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Issue: Stars of Turkey Edition
Spokesperson: Aras Kargo General Manager Utku Ayyarkın

Ever since the pandemic burst into our lives in March this year, we have undergone an unprecedented transformation in both social and economic terms. In this unusual period, with major shifts in the way business is transacted in almost every sector, we have certainly seen the prominence and rise of e-commerce and shipping in the supply chain.

For the shipping sector, which serves as a conduit between consumers and e-commerce companies, a phase of decline in the number of bulk deliveries and an increase in the number of individual deliveries to households began. This substantially increased the number of doors visited by shipping companies in the daytime. The 2-fold growth in e-commerce also had a direct impact on the transaction volume of the shipping sector.

Currently, the logistics sector has reached an average daily transaction volume of 8 million. Over 4 million of these are in the shipping transaction volume. To match this transaction volume, our sector has been working hard to ensure the continuity of the supply chain, with more than 100 thousand employees and additional jobs. The pandemic has once again demonstrated how important the work of our couriers is. Our staff, who are on duty all day round, have taken all the necessary precautions according to the information provided by our Ministry of Health and have worked with all their strength. Just like the healthcare personnel, the security guards and the employees of the markets, the couriers have been the heroes of this difficult process in the eyes of the public. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each of them once again for their efforts.

The rise of e-commerce has introduced a new vantage point for the sector. Responding to the momentum that started in the last quarter of 2019, we have made very in-depth investments as an industry; we have changed the rules of distribution. We have made rapid technological investments for all operational processes, notably to properly manage the timing of the business. Amid these winds of change, we as Aras Kargo have accelerated our technological investments that we started a few years ago and further strengthened our infrastructure through investments. Taking these developments into account, it would be safe to say that digitalisation and new distribution models will be central to the shipping industry in 2021. In addition to the digital transformation of the sector, it is important that e-commerce companies can support the process with the operation of marketplaces at the point they have reached today. That is to say, shipments are not all there is to the delivery, but the purchase also requires a very serious operational process. Proper management of this process is through proper customer integration between the two sectors. Through mutual integration and mutual investment in the technological infrastructure of the e-commerce and shipping sectors, we will be able to respond together much faster to the growing market.

I think that this process we are going through is rather instructive and evolutionary for all of us, and that the shipping industry has provided a good test against the pandemic. I wish that 2021 will be a breath of fresh air for our country and nation and for the whole world.
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