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Significant Activity by Aras Kargo in International Coastal Cleanup Day

Nature-friendly Aras have recycled nearly 4 tons of waste in 4 years

Aras Kargo, cleaning the coasts of Turkey for 4 years with the goal of protecting the environment and a more livable world, carried out the fourth coastal cleaning event of 2019 in Izmir Çeşme Deliklikoy with the participation of ‘Nature-Friendly Aras ' consisting of volunteer Aras Kargo employees and their families. Volunteers have collected a total of 230 kilograms of waste throughout the day, recycling about 4 tons of waste in total since 2016.

Aras Kargo, which sets an example in the sector with its projects on the environment, continues its activities in order to leave a cleaner world for future generations. Aras Kargo has been cleaning the coasts of Turkey since 2016 with the ‘nature friendly Aras’ platform formed by the participation of its volunteer employees and in cooperation with TURMEPA (Sea Clean Association). This year's fourth Coastal Cleanup event hosted by Aras Kargo General Manager Utku Ayyarkın was held in Çeşme Deliklikoy, Izmir. 230 kilograms of waste was collected under the leadership of Nature-Friendly Aras during the International Coastal and Marine cleaning day that the whole world celebrates for the same purpose. Thus, in 4 years, about 4 tons of waste was collected from coasts.

Within the scope of coastal cleaning by nature-friendly Aras, 11 kilograms of paper, 104.5 kilograms of plastic, 50 kilograms of metal, 64.5 kilograms of glass waste were collected in Çeşme Deliklikoy and a total of 230 kilograms of waste was recycled.

Utku Ayyarkın, general manager of Aras Kargo, delivered a speech at the event and said that: “as Aras Kargo, we are developing environmentally friendly products in order to leave a cleaner world for future generations, and we are working hard for business processes that are respectful to nature. In line with this vision, we perform many common activities with TURMEPA (Sea Clean Association) and nature-friendly Aras platform that we created in 2014. Today we collected 250 kilograms of waste with the valuable participation of our volunteer employees. We have cleaned the costs of Kinaliada, Büyükada, Burgazada, Samsun Atakent and Tekkeköy, Izmir, Fethiye, Trabzon, Van Lake, Bodrum, Adana Dam Lake and Bursa Dağyenice Pond area with the voluntary participation of more than 500 employees and their families in the nature friendly coastal cleaning movement. In this context, we have prevented around 4 tons of waste from polluting the environment. Our sustainable project brought us 2 International Awards this year by attracting the attention of organizations that evaluate social responsibility projects that raise awareness in the international arena. In August, we were awarded the International CSR Excellence Awards in the “Corporate Citizenship category” and “Environmental Pollution Prevention” scope. We have also learned with great pleasure that we will receive an award in the field of social responsibility in Vienna on 19th October from the International Stevie Awards, one of the most respected organizations in the field.”

“8 million tons of plastic are disposed into the seas every year”

Ayyarkın pointed out the contamination of the coast and seas and said that: “The seriousness of this issue is clearly seen in the published reports. According to the data shared by TURMEPA, the total area covered by plastics on the surface of the oceans is greater than the surface area of Turkey. 8 million tons of plastic are disposed into the seas every year.” Referring to the importance of International Coastal and Marine cleaning day, Ayyarkın said: “the significance of these activities is very great for us. Similar events are simultaneously carried out in more than 100 countries around the world. We, as Aras Kargo, are proud to host such a meaningful event. We invite everyone to take this responsibility. The future is ours; the future is all of us.”

In addition to coastal cleaning activities, in order to reduce carbon footprint, Aras Kargo established Turkey's largest fleet of 100 percent electric commercial vehicles in 2011. In this way, a gain was achieved in 8 years equal to 18 thousand new trees could bring to the environment. Aras cargo also gained more than 140 thousand trees to the nature with reforestation efforts.
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