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Shipments in Aras Kargo gain meaning with hands of women

Message from Aras Kargo to women employees: "We are strong together"

Aras Kargo’nun yönetiminde esitlik var

Always giving importance and priority to increasing women"s employment, Aras Kargo will deliver the message of March 8, International Women"s Day, via shipments. Reaching its customers with an average of 600 thousand shipment per day, Aras Kargo will thank the efforts of nearly 1700 women employees in different positions with the message "We are Strong Together" in the delivery shipments specially prepared for 8 March Women"s Day.

Turkey"s leading and most innovative shipping company Aras Kargo makes a difference in the sector with projects implemented for women. Aras Kargo will deliver its special message for Women"s Day to its customers with package deliveries. It will have the message "We are Strong Together" in packages prepared by touching the hands of approximately 1700 Aras Kargo female employees in many sections from operation to distribution.

"The only shipping company that has signed the United Nations Women"s Empowerment Principles"

One of the primary agenda items of Aras Kargo, which sets its area of responsibility as a "woman and nature friendly company", is to increase women"s employment and support women"s entrepreneurship. In Turkey, women at Aras Kargo that has more than 900 branches, over 4 thousand vehicles, 28 transfer center and more than 10 thousand employees are employed in a wide range from the technician to the manager, from the courier to the spare parts expertise. Aras Kargo has carried its responsibilities for women employees to international platforms and signed the "united nations women"s empowerment principles" in 2014. Aras Kargo carries the distinction of being the only shipping company that signed these principles in Turkey.

Stating that they employ approximately 1,700 women at Aras Kargo, Aras Kargo General Manager Utku Ayyarkın says it is effective to reach to these numbers by becoming the first shipping company that signs the United Nations Women"s Empowerment Principles in 2014, and then with a radical decision putting a quota to increase the number of female employees in the company"s human resources policies:" We have added this responsibility as a goal to the goals of our administrative managers in all regional directorates. In addition to the premium system for the suggestion of women employees, we implemented also many women-friendly practices. In this sense, we increased our female employee quota and brought flexible working hours to mothers. We allowed two hours of milk leave every day until babies reach to one year old, one hour of baby care leave for one to three years old children and mothers with children up to three years on Saturdays. Wegave allowance to mothers on the first and last days of school and on vaccination days. We allocated hygienic breastfeeding rooms. After we have made a promise in the UN, we are increasing the number of our female employees every day with all these practices and improvements we conduct for women. ”

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