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Pudo, which offers innovative and sustainable technology-based services to facilitate the pickup and delivery process, has signed a significant partnership agreement with Aras Kargo, one of Türkiye's most recognized shipping companies, to create added value for the e-commerce sector. Following this new partnership, Aras Kargo customers will be able to choose the most conveniently located Pudo point to collect their shipments 24/7. Pudo, Türkiye's largest smart delivery network, and Aras Kargo announced a new partnership to provide end users with alternative delivery points when distributing shipments. Aras Kargo customers shopping on Türkiye's most popular online shopping site can select the most convenient Pudo point as their delivery destination when placing an order. Once Aras Kargo's carrier drops off the shipment at a Pudo point, the customer can pick up the shipment at the selected Pudo point 24/7 using a QR link via SMS for contactless delivery.

Additionally, end users can easily select a Pudo during the shipment distribution process. Even if an Aras Kargo customer does not choose to have their shipment delivered to them at the time of order, if they are unable to pick up their shipment at the specified address during the shipment distribution process, they can pick up their shipment at any time of the day at the closest of the alternative delivery locations as specified in the SMS message sent by Aras Kargo. This allows Aras Kargo customers to save time and relieve themselves from the obligation of being at the specified address.

Business partners who can drop off dozens of shipments from a single point; integrated into the system, they prevent recurring costs for their processes at the last distribution point, and gain significant advantages such as operational efficiency, operational functionality in the system, and delivery/pick-up speed without making an additional investment. With hundreds of Pudo points located in residential areas, it enables millions of customers to experience fast and easy shipment delivery at any time of the day. With its structure based on its own engineering and software solutions, Pudo quickly integrates with all potential business partners and expands its collaborations. With the special services prepared for business partners, it enables its stakeholders to transparently monitor all processes realized through Pudo. At the same time, they can receive advanced reporting and receive feedback in terms of improvements to the data generated through Pudo systems.

We increase the customer satisfaction of our business partners

Şaban İren, General Manager of Pudo, commented that Pudo aims to expand its market presence by increasing market experience and creating added value through collaborations with Türkiye's most popular e-commerce platforms, brands, and shipping companies: "We are very proud to announce our business partnership with Aras Kargo, one of the most important shipping companies in Türkiye, which will enable Aras Kargo couriers to deliver shipments to Pudo 24/7 in just nine seconds. It will also allow couriers to deliver dozens of shipments to one location in minutes instead of traveling from address to address, ensuring operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Pudo's independent business model avoids facing competitive challenges as well as recurring investments and costs for stakeholders, and it provides added value by being equidistant from all business partners. At the same time, thanks to its technological and innovative approach, Pudo provides its business partners with the best customer experience at the final delivery stage by ensuring that end customers can enjoy the benefits of 24/7 delivery. This effort makes it possible for us to provide a high-level service to our business partners, thereby increasing their satisfaction."

İren mentioned that for couriers, one of the most important values of the ecosystem, they have organized a 24/7 support line, with a dedicated interface and training to ensure a smooth process: "In the near future, we will expand the ‘Pudo Smart Delivery Network' to add new branches across the country and bring next-generation vertical services to the country. We will continue to create value for the industry through new collaborative projects focusing on best and innovative practices."

Ramazan Altınay: "We are expanding our flexible and customized services"

"We are excited to expand the range of flexible and customized services we offer to our customers through our partnership with Pudo," says Ramazan Altınay, Head of International Affairs, Business Development, and Strategy at Aras Kargo. "Our goal is to increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction through investments that not only meet but shape the ever-changing expectations of our customers due to the growth of e-commerce and digitalization. Through this partnership, we will be able to significantly expand Aras Burası Dolap's network and offer this service to even more customers, enabling them to receive deliveries 24/7 at a preferred location."

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pudo; creates added value for the e-commerce industry by providing smart solutions and delivery management services based on innovative and sustainable technology. It is a service provider company that is dedicated to generating additional value for its solution partners with a mission to provide the 'best customer experience' at the final delivery stage.
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