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Notes on the pandemic from our successful CEOs

What has being a CEO taught you most importantly during the pandemic?

In our country, the shipping sector grows and gains importance day by day as the sectors it serves evolve. This process has once again proven to us the relevance of our sector and the work of our couriers. With people spending more time indoors due to the pandemic, e-commerce has increased and so has the shipment traffic. Our couriers worked with all their strength and with a 24/7 service understanding, taking all the necessary health and protection measures according to the information provided by the Ministry of Health. Like our health professionals and our market staff, our shipping staff were the heroes of this difficult process. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them for their efforts.

Another major point we have learned from this process is the sustainability of the supply chain. Turkey holds an advantageous position in this regard compared to many other countries in terms of logistics network connections, production capacity, human resources, knowledge and skills. We have become an important part of the continuity of this chain. We have opened new branches in a very short time in regions where there was previously no delivery density. Contactless delivery has become very important in our sector. As our infrastructure was ready, we were able to quickly switch to contactless delivery with coded delivery and handheld terminal reading method in new types of chip IDs.

We further ramped up the digital transformation process that started three years ago with the pandemic, making us the company with the strongest automation infrastructure in the sector today. Along with the digital transformation, we have started to change not only software and systems but also our organisation, branches and transfer centres. We have once again witnessed how much digital transformation has increased our ability to act in extraordinary situations, and we have once again understood how important these investments are. We will continue to invest in customer-centric solutions, making employee and customer satisfaction our compass and aiming to be the carrier that sets the tone in our country.

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