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New investment by Aras Kargo to further expand its operational capacity

Aras Kargo is transforming its operations to a new and more modular system, investing in 37 new tow trucks and 32 new trailers for its fleet of 5,000 vehicles. The vehicles with the new trailers can be unloaded and continue their journey to another stop instead of wasting time at a transhipment point. As well as saving time, the new lighter vehicles will also reduce energy costs thanks to fuel reduction. Aras Kargo, a leading company in the shipping industry, has enhanced its operational capacity with an investment in new vehicles. The company presented the new vehicles to its corporate customers at an iftar dinner hosted by Aras Kargo Vice Chairman Barış Baran Aras and Aras Kargo General Manager Utku Ayyarkın at its Ikitelli Transfer Centre. The addition of new generation tow trucks and trailers to its fleet of more than 5,000 vehicles will enable the company to serve the needs of change and innovation and ensure a more modularised shipping operation.

Barış Baran Aras: "Having invested in a fleet of vehicles, we are now capable of delivering a much more efficient service to our business partners.”

"We have certainly managed to have come a long way in our journey that began 44 years ago," comments Barış Baran Aras, Deputy Chairman of Aras Kargo, and continues: " Not only have we reached all the regions of our country, but we have also come so far that we export our technology to Europe and offer services in Azerbaijan under our own brand. Thanks to the investment in our fleet, we are able to provide a much more efficient service to our business partners."

A brand-new step forward in innovation and operational efficiency

"The latest investment in our fleet is a major step on the path to innovation and operational efficiency," says Utku Ayyarkın, General Manager of Aras Kargo. "With the addition of 37 tow trucks and 32 trailers, we are now capable of providing a more modular and efficient shipping service. Thanks to this investment, we can unload a trailer without wasting time on a transhipment stop, and the vehicle can continue on a different stop. Besides the time saved, vehicles with fewer axles and lighter weight also offer the benefit of fuel reduction, or in other words, reduced energy costs. By reducing your carbon footprint through fuel savings, you'll be taking another important step toward achieving your sustainability goals.”
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