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New Communications Push from Aras Kargo

Aras Kargo separates its services using commercial characters called ‘Araslar’ to accentuate on its couriers

New commercial campaign of Aras Kargo – Turkey’s pioneering and leading shipment brand has launched. Araslar represent Aras Kargo’s new, genuine, cheerful, modest and sustainable brand image. Adorable courier men in shape of boxes lead the commercial campaign.

Aras Kargo, the innovative brand of the shipping sector, provides a new perspective to the industry with its new commercial campaign in which cargo packages are transformed into adorable courier. The commercial draws attention with its frank and fun tone.

The campaign consists of 4 different clips shot by using 3D animation technique and meets the packages to their owners. On these commercials, Araslar which were designed with box men concept convey their daily operations that they carry out with enthusiasm and communicate Aras Kargo’s innovative products. Aiming to create a genuine, cheerful, young and dynamic brand image, the campaign represents Aras Kargo’s new and vivacious character.

Aras Kargo’s Vice President of Corporate Communications and Marketing Burçin İmir said, “For years, Aras Kargo has been demonstrating a strong performance in Fundamentals that create brand preference such as speed, trust and pricing. In this labor intensive industry where 300.000 packages are delivered per day, the most important element is our couriers. In this new commercial campaign, we personified our couriers which are the most important complementary parts of our business by using the boxes they carry. Thus, we are pushing our courier to forefront as they should be and we are showcasing the complex operational process in the delivery sector to our customers. We believe that our campaign matches with Aras Kargo’s leader attitude and will bring our brand and our customers even closer. In long-term, this campaign will contribute to Aras Kargo in becoming a lovemark. Moving to that direction, with their adorable characters, Araslar will become one of us and act as an important milestone for Aras Kargo.”

Communication in delivery sector changes in parallel to the development of the industry in Turkey

İmir indicates that driven by e-commerce, delivery sector increases rapidly ahead of the domestic economy and Aras Kargo’s growth rate is 16% which is above the sector average. İmir said, “In delivery sector, we cannot see consistent brands or integrated communication ways. But our sector is growing and our contact with the customer is becoming more intense. We need to meet our customers’ demands and expectations as well as communicate our brand, our values and our business to them. With our young and dynamic campaign, we believe that we add a new value to our sector and bring a breath of fresh air to our segment.

Araslar are dubbed by famous actors

Being a 3D commercial film with 4 different versions, post-production of Araslar was completed in over a month. Araslar characters were dubbed by popular actors namely Cengiz Küçükayvaz, Serkan Altunorak, Murat Şenol and Volkan Severcan. Pack shot of the film was dubbed by Okan Yalabık. In addition to the commercial film, the campaign will use other media including papers, magazines, Web, outdoor and radio. In outdoor advertising, the campaign will use billboard and giant boards as well as special on-vehicle and on-wall applications in subways, tramways, metrobus turnstiles, buildings and elevators. Posters, cut-outs and window dressing will be prepared to use simultaneously in every Aras Kargo branch across the country.

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