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Nature-Friendly Young Aras Team, listen to Idil Biret and learn that olive is life.

Aras Kargo, as a sponsor of Ayvalik International Music Academy Festival Orchestra, brought together the children of its employees with nature and music. 13 children aged 9-14 from 13 regions where the company operates, had the opportunity to take part of a large number of workshops from classical music to healthy living, from ecology to olive production within the scope of Nature-Friendly Young Aras Team activities.

Aras Kargo, as the sponsor of Ayvalik International Music Academy Festival Orchestra, brought together the children of its employees with nature and music. 13 children aged 9-14 from 13 regions where company operates, benefited from a large number of workshops from classical music to healthy living, from ecology to olive production within the scope of Nature-Friendly Young Aras activities between September 4 – 8.

Aras Team can practice yoga and make objects from waste paper

Ayvalik’s art and nature lover volunteers opened their doors to young Aras in the trip in which children who did not see the sea were especially chosen among the children of successful blue collar workers. Children started the day with yoga in fresh air of the Agean Region for four days, took swimming lessons and went boating for the first time with training boats.

Emine Boyner Kürşat talked about the environmental consciousness and hosted a workshop for making objects from olive trees in the program that often emphasizes the importance of nature conservation. Workshop of creative activities with waste materials by Tara Hopkins, also known as the ‘Garbage Lady’, was one of the colorful names of the program. Children, who was introduced to wind energy in Northel’s renewable energy seminar, visited the olive groves filled with 200-300-year old olive trees, and learned how olives were processed in Kürşat Olive Factory.

Young Aras in touch with art

Ceramic artist Naile Cimit who opened the doors of her workshop to children and volunteer music teachers from Bogazici University in the scope of Olive Pits (Zeytin Çekirdekleri) Social Responsibility Project planted the art seeds into Nature-Friendly Young Aras’ minds and hearts. The biggest prize of the trip was the concert of Ayvalik International Music Academy Piano Masterclass students conducted by the worldwide famous Turkish pianist Idil Biret for whom the ‘Exceptional Children Law’ was made.

İmir: “The most meaningful step to protect our fragile world is the investment in our children”

Burçun İmir, Deputy General Manager for Communications at Aras Kargo, who underlined that the biggest investment of individuals and the companies was the investment in children, said: “We, as a company, prefer supporting activities which have comebacks for our employees rather than just sponsoring with financial support. With Nature-Friendly Aras Team in Ayvalik activity, we wanted to touch the heart of at least one child from each region, and remind the alternatives about the course of his/her life. We organized activities for them to protect the fragile world which is entrusted to them, introduced classical music in order for them to adopt polyphony. This was the project which we enjoyed the most to date”.

Eren Tapan, Board Member of Ayvalik Culture and Art Foundation (AKSV) said: “We are pleased that our foundation’s quest for sponsorship which has been working for 18 years to open new horizons for young musicians turned into a project which would expand the minds of brilliant young people from all over Anatolia. Many thanks to everyone who spared their time and put effort into this project”.


Aras Kargo, Turkey"s innovative and pioneering shipping company, was established in 1979 as Aras Distribution and Marketing, and today it serves 12 million people, institutions and organizations every month with its 13 Regional Directorates, 28 Transfer Centers, 825 branches, a fleet of 3320 vehicles and 12 thousand employees.

Aras Kargo, Turkey"s first shipping company with a trademark patent and TSE certificate, was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certificate in 2004 by focusing on the quality management system. In 2007, the company adopted the "EFQM (EUROPEAN FOUNDATION FOR QUALITY MANAGEMENT) Excellence Model" as a corporate way of doing business in order to increase the quality in all stakeholder relations, increase efficiency, maintain competitiveness and transform the total quality philosophy into a corporate culture. Aras Kargo, which is the first Turkish shipping company to receive the Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificates of the Turkish Standards Institute, with its environmental and sustainable policies adopted with a focus on efficiency, also received the Customer Satisfaction Management System certificate.

Attracting the attention of domestic and foreign investors with its service quality and growth above the sector average, Aras Kargo was purchased by İş Girişim in 2011, and in 2013 Austrian Post acquired 20% from Aras Kargo, in addition to the 20% shares held by IS Investment. By purchasing 5 percent of the shares, it became a 25 percent shareholder in the company.

Aras Kargo, the first shipping company to sign the Women"s Empowerment Principles in Turkey and set an example in the United Nations, announced the steps they will take in the light of these principles by promising to empower and employ women at the United Nations.

Aras Kargo, which was awarded the "Growth Excellence Leadership Award" by Frost & Sullivan, one of the largest consultancy companies in the world, provides services to more than 1,500 settlements in all provinces and districts of Turkey. In addition, it continues to take firm steps forward on its way by expanding its service limits day by day with mobile services operating in nearly 1600 residential centers.


About AIMA

AIMA was founded in 1998 by Prof. Filiz Ali. Since its inception, the Academy has been a pioneer in promoting the education of young musicians by broadening their horizons and musical careers. Music mastery courses, which mainly focus on string instruments and piano, are held in Ayvalık every year in summer and autumn. Students from Turkey, Europe, and even from the other side of the world such as New Zealand, come together in this beautiful Aegean coastal city with distinguished international teachers for 8-10 days of intensive learning, study and mastery courses at the end of their concerts.

Since its foundation, the Academy has developed and diversified its master classes with a composition workshop, creative writing, piano and guitar mastery courses. The Academy also aims to enrich the cultural life of Ayvalık with its concerts open to the public throughout the year.

AIMA brings together the participants with the masters with workshops and master classes held in different branches every year.

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