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Heartfelt support from Aras Kargo for Atakaş Hatayspor

Aras Kargo, the leading and innovative shipping company in Türkiye, sponsored Atakaş Hatayspor. Aras Kargo, a leading and innovative shipping company in Türkiye, is now a proud sponsor of Atakaş Hatayspor. This sponsorship, which is centered on social responsibility, will last for only one season. Utku Ayyarkın, General Manager of Aras Kargo: " Hatayspor Football Club bears the memory of all the losses we suffered after the earthquake. We believe that our cooperation in this regard will definitely play a significant role in closing the wounds through the healing power of sports."

A strong believer in the unifying power of sport, Aras Kargo is proud to be an active supporter of Turkish sports. Under the motto "We Celebrate the True Excitement of Football," Aras Kargo has further expanded its support, starting with Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray, with new sponsorships of Besiktas, Trabzonspor, and Anatolian football clubs, as well as sponsorships of the Türkiye Men's National Football Team and the e-national team.

Being supported by Aras Kargo who is the new back-of-shorts sponsor, Atakaş Hatayspor will return to the league this year for the 2023-2024 Trendyol Super League season after the team had to withdraw from the Super League following the earthquake on February 6.

Atakaş Hatayspor vice-president Aydın Toksöz noted that the sponsorship agreement with Aras Kargo was one of the major factors for Atakaş Hatayspor's return to the stadium: "This agreement was one of the most significant moments in Atakaş Hatayspor's return to the stadium. A few months ago, it was almost impossible for us to be back on the field. Our players and colleagues were gone, we were in ruins, and it was extreme to think about football in that city. But in the midst of all the negativity, there were flowers of hope that encouraged us and allowed us to take the field. I would like to especially thank the Ministry, the Federation, Aras Kargo, and other organizations that supported us. We had no stadium and no players to play with. We just sat down with our courageous coach, Mr. Volkan, and talked about what we could do. We knew we had a lot of friends who supported us, and we thought that if we kept getting support in that direction, we would find our way. We started organizing camps with our youth teams. We don't have any big-money players on our team - it's pretty much all voluntary players from all around the world."

Utku Ayyarkın: “We felt honor-bound to help Atakaş Hatayspor”

Commenting on the agreement between Aras Kargo and Atakaş Hatayspor, Aras Kargo General Manager Utku Ayyarkın said: "As a brand that firmly believes in the unifying and healing power of sport, we continue to support Turkish sports in a variety of areas. We felt it was our duty to support Atakaş Hatayspor, which was sadly obliged to withdraw from the league last season due to the disaster that occurred on February 6, but managed to reclaim its place in the league this year and has now become the second team of all Türkiye and Aras, both on and off the field. We would like to thank the Atakaş Hatayspor family for making this valuable collaboration possible. Aras Kargo will continue to support Turkish sports in many ways in the future."

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