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Focused on technological investment, increased profit to 2, World giant Alibaba chooses Aras Kargo

Focused on technological investment, increased profit to 2, World giant Alibaba chooses Aras Kargo

Aras Kargo, who increased transaction volume in the first 10 months of the year and who plans to end the year with a turnover of over 1 billion TL, with a growth rate of 20 % crowned its financial success with an international agreement. Aras Kargo, who has agreed with Alibaba, one of the world"s largest e-commerce sites, will distribute the products of the Chinese e-commerce giant in Turkey. Hence, the delivery time, which is 25-40 days, will be much shorter.

Aras Kargo General Manager Hikmet Bulduk, commented on the deal with the Chinese global e-trade giant: “In the delivery sector, we took the first big step towards becoming one of the most important actors of e-commerce on the international scene. In this important collaboration, our technological investments have been a big influence. As a pioneering shipment company with more than 12 thousand employees, 29 hubs and more than 4 thousand vehicles, we are planning to invest 30 million euros more in technological transformation of hubs in the coming years.”

Aras Kargo, which continues its investments with the vision of becoming a world brand and plans to invest 30 million euros for the technological transformation of the hubs for the next 5 years, having been influenced by these investments, has agreed with e-commerce giant Alibaba of China. Aras Kargo General Manager Hikmet Bulduk, who explained this cooperation at the press conference on Aras Kargo"s digital transformation strategy and technological investments, said, "We have made a big step with the world e-commerce giant Alibaba in our delivery sector as our goal to be one of the important players in e-commerce. We will deliver Alibaba"s shipment in Turkey. Orders that were delivered between 25 to 40 days will now be delivered in a much shorter time with our collaboration.”

Bulduk who highlighted that Aras Kargo is one of the most important players in the industry with 12 thousand employees, 4 thousand vehicles and 29 hubs, stated: "After e-commerce, expected to be a 3 trillion-dollar market in 2020, has also influenced the growth of the delivery sector, we concentrated our efforts on technological investments. In this frame, İkitelli Hub, one of our biggest hubs both in operational and square meters, has been renewed with an investment of 10 million Euros. With this investment, our capacity at the İkitelli Technological Hub increased from 5,500 deliveries to 15,000 per hour.”

30-million-euro investment plan

Bulduk who emphasized that Ankara, Istanbul Anatolia, Izmir and Bursa, other hubs would also be digitized after İkitelli, said "We plan to invest 30 million euros in 5 years. By targeting growth targets on digital transformation, in the 5-year plan we aim to provide 80 percent of the deliveries from technological hubs and enhance the productivity in all business processes. These work we have done will open the way for our alliances with other global players like Alibaba. "

Aras Kargo doubled its profit in 1 year

Bulduk, reminding that the Turkish economy is expected to grow around 5-7 percent this year said: "Aras Kargo has successfully maintained its double-digit growth trend for 5 years. Continuing the tradition in 2017, we will end the year with a growth rate of around 20% and a turnover over 1 billion TL. Capacity increase and savings that we have gained with our digital transformation investments have also made a big contribution to our success this year."

“Black Box” in Shipment Vehicles

Noting that digital transformation investments are not limited to transforming hubs, Hikmet Bulduk continued: "We will also implement route optimization in 2018, which is the most important of our digital projects we developed in our operational process. The route of all the vehicles in Turkey will be provided from the main center. In addition, we will further reduce carbon emissions by improving courier driving techniques with an advanced vehicle tracking system called Black Boxes in shipment vehicles, saving fuel and spare parts above 16 million liras. All operational digital processes will provide us with the information ranging from the late shift of the gear by the driver to the tire air, to the engine failure, as well as the delivery of the shipment on time.

First time in Turkey: instant cargo tracking on the map

Bulduk stated that they will take customer satisfaction to the maximum level with the on the map application "Where is My Shipment" which will start next year. "In this system, our customers will instantly track the process on map from dispatch to delivery by simply entering the Cargo Tracking Number, either on the mobile phones or on the computer. We"ll start the application in 2018. It will be the first in the delivery sector in Turkey in this sense.” he said.


Hikmet Nuri Bulduk: Our focus lies with data integrity with our business intelligence investments

  • "Another focus in our digital transformation investments is data integrity. With the ERP (Corporate Resource Planning) system that we have developed in this context, for the first time in the world in the delivery sector, operational processes will be managed through ERP (corporate resource planning). Thus, all data and performance will be measurable and manageable.

    With the planned CRM investment that comes along with ERP project, CRM units that are in an end-to-end contact with customers such as sales, marketing, call center and communication, will be able to manage the processes of our customers and suppliers in an integrated way through the same systems and screens. All these corporate resource planning investments will provide us with operation speed and customer satisfaction."
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