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Eco-Friendly Aras Team helping street animals

Aras Kargo’s “Doğa Dostu Araslar” (Eco-Friendly Aras Team) platform went onto the field with HAÇİKO, the Association for Protecting Animals from Desperation and Insouciance. The October 4th World Animal Day was embraced with a street animal feeding activity around Kemerburgaz.

With a history of considerable activities towards adding value to the society and protecting the environment, Aras Kargo materialized a new collaboration with HAÇİKO, the Association for Protecting Animals from Desperation and Insouciance, one of the leading foundations operating in the field of animal rights as part of the October 4th World Animal Day.

The street animal feeding activity, practiced with voluntary support from Aras Kargo and in collaboration with HAÇİKO, raised food support for hundreds of stray dogs struggling to survive. Aras Kargo and HAÇİKO vehicles were used in the activity, which took place in Kemerburgaz.

Aras Kargo has expanded on its history of distributing animal food and water bowls for street animals to all of its branches, regional directorates, and transfer hubs since 2015, which has provided tens of thousands of food and water bowls for street animals.

Eco-Friendly Aras Team continue their environmentally conscious projects

Today’s event proved to be the new link in the chain of environmentally conscious projects by the Eco-Friendly Aras Team, which includes coast cleaning, sapling planting, carbon footprint projects and contributions to recycling since 2014.

The Doğa Dostu Araslar Coastal Cleanup project, which, in collaboration with TURMEPA Association, prevented a total of 4 tons of waste from polluting the environment in the last four years as part of the coast cleaning movement, was granted the International Social Responsibility Excellence Award at the International CSR Excellence Awards organized in the United Kingdom. The project was also qualified for an award in the corporate social responsibility category at the prestigious International Stevie Awards.

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