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Campaign from Aras Kargo: # evdekaltürkiye

Campaign from Aras Kargo: # evdekaltürkiye

Aras Kargo carries the shipments of customers over the age of 65 free of charge

A new support campaign for the coronavirus outbreak came from Aras Kargo. With the #EvdeKalTürkiyem campaign, Aras Kargo delivers without any charge the shipments of customers over the age of 65 who have a curfew due to the outbreak, and sends them to their address.

Aras Kargo will support the spread of coronavirus, which affects the whole world, with the #EvdeKalTürkiyem campaign. With the campaign launched with the slogan “Our elders are more than welcome”, Aras Kargo will take, free of charge, the shipment of its customers over the age of 65, who have a curfew due to the epidemic, and will be sent to the address they wish.

Utku Ayyarkın, General Manager of Aras Kargo, stated that they have taken the necessary precautions for their employees and customers as a company against the coronavirus threat, which has become a pandemic, and reminded the importance of citizens staying at home for public health. Ayyarkın stated that they have started a campaign to meet the shipment needs of their customers over the age of 65 who are banned from leaving the house. "Our goal is to show that we are with our elders in this period and to draw attention to the circular warnings about curfews published by the Ministry of Interior," he said.

“We pay attention to the distance in shipment acceptances and deliveries”

Ayyarkın also mentioned the precautions they took against the coronavirus outbreak in shipment acceptance and delivery; “We take care to leave at least 1 meter distance between our customers and couriers in shipment acceptances and deliveries, as suggested by the Ministry of Health. We take a maximum of 3 customers into the branch. We provide written information with verbal and informative posters in our branches to keep our customers apart. We have placed floor warning tapes to leave the recommended distance. All units have hand sanitizers. We supply and inform our couriers to use masks and disposable gloves when necessary. We pay attention to contactless delivery in shipment deliveries. If the ID cards are chipped, we read them without contact. If the ID card is old type, we check it from a distance and get a name & surname. All our branches and vehicle interiors are disinfected at necessary intervals.” he said.

Those who want to benefit from the campaign should write EVDEKAL and leave a space, fill in the NAME-SURNAME-IDENTITY NO-BIRTHDAY information completely and send an SMS to 2552 and deliver the received code to Aras Kargo courier. The campaign, which is valid for shipments having weight between 0 and 15 kg, covers up to two shipments per week. Detailed information about the campaign can be found on www.araskargo.com.tr
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