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Award to Aras Kargo from ECHO Awards for two consecutive years Aras Kargo as the best shipping company in the e-commerce

Award to Aras Kargo from ECHO Awards for two consecutive years

Aras Kargo as the best shipping company in the e-commerce

Turkey’s leading and innovative shipping company Aras Kargo was the winner of the year, ranking first place in the cargo category of ECHOAwards, carried out with Marketing Türkiye and Akademetre in which best players of the e-commerce are chosen. Aras Kargo was also awarded the title ‘’Shipping Company with Best Customer E-Commerce Experience’’ at ECHOAwards last year.

Aras Kargo, one of Turkey"s leading cargo companies, has achieved great success, selected as the best cargo company in e-commerce once again at ECHOAwards. The ECHO Awards ceremony, where the "Best of E-commerce" was chosen with 1,200 people from across the country, was held online this year.

Making a statement after the award ceremony, Aras Kargo General Manager Utku Ayyarkın said: "E-commerce, which has snowballed especially with the onset of the pandemic, has significantly increased our business volume. While the e-commerce transaction volume increased two times compared to the previous year, the number of addresses visited increased by 90% in parallel. We are delighted that we were deemed worthy of the best cargo company in e-commerce in this valuable organization, adopting independent research and where the public has a say. Our technological investments, operational know-how, and competence we initiated before the pandemic enabled us to manage the process well. For the following years, we are planning our investments and studies, considering the changing consumer habits and the impact of e-commerce on our industry."

Underlining that, according to a nationwide study conducted by an independent research company, Aras Kargo is considered to be the freight company with the highest working volume and the most frequently preferred company among e-commerce companies, Ayyarkın added: “In this award evaluation, we stood out in the categories of ease of use and after-service follow-up. By maintaining all these features, we aim to create a unique customer experience with step-by-step customer information, customer convenience, CRM, and customer service management steps in the upcoming period. We will maintain our pioneering and innovative position in the sector with our ongoing transfer center investments and IT infrastructure investments. We plan to increase our quality with our investments in integration, route optimization, and integrated management systems. We also aim to reinforce our market leadership with these projects that we will realize ”.

Ranking the first place in the cargo category in the competition organized under the title of "The Best of E-Commerce", Aras Kargo was once again the winner of the year, showing the same success in 2019 by being chosen as the ‘’Shipping Company with Best Customer Experience’’ at ECHOAwards.

ECHO Awards, a first in the country, awards the most successful brands, platforms, and sellers by measuring e-commerce sites and their vendors" performance. ECHO Awards, where e-commerce platforms that value their customers are awarded in more than 35 categories, have chosen the best e-commerce with an online ceremony held right after the e-Commerce HeadOr-ganizationSummit. Being an outcome of a meticulous preparation process and standing out with a comprehensive methodology, the ECHO Awards were determined as a result of the votes of 1,200 end-users from across the country, after a two-stage measurement and evaluation process.

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