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Aras Tahsilatlı (Aras Cash On) Convenience from Aras for Companies’ Deliveries

Hayri Usta from Gaziantep produces the kerchiefs,
and Aras Tahsilatlı delivers them to Hollywood
Kerchief-maker Hayri Usta – who has produced shoes for Hollywood productions such as Troy, 300 and Harry Potter – and Aras Tahsilatlı share the staring role in the new advertisement of Aras Kargo.

The pioneer and innovative brand of the delivery sector, Aras Kargo, has shot a new commercial film in Gaziantep and Garipçe Village of Sarıyer for its Aras Kargo Cash On service. In the film, the story of how Orhan Çakıroğlu – the owner of the Hayri Usta brand of Kerchief- who sustains the family tradition, now in its 4th generation in a small workshop in Gaziantep’s Coppersmith Bazaar – sends his products to movie sets using Aras Tahsilatlı service. With Aras Tahsilatlı, the price of the ordered products is paid on delivery and deposited into the kerchief-maker’s account.

Being an Aras Kargo customer for 14 years and turning his father Hayri Usta’s kerchiefs into a brand, Orhan Çakıroğlu explained the advantages for customers, who ordering online, are able to pay the price for products via credit card or in cash on delivery thanks to the Aras Tahsilatlı service. Highlighting in particular the importance of collecting payment for products sold by SMEs with the guarantee of Aras Kargo, the kerchief-maker underlined the importance of rapid delivery in the delivery business.

Both 3D and real animation techniques are used in the Aras Kargo Tahsilatlı advertisement, which illustrates the fastest growing service of the delivery sector particularly to e-commerce firms and its customers.

“Over 3,400 companies use Aras Tahsilatlı”

Commenting on the advertisement campaign, Aras Kargo’s Vice General Director for Corporate Communication and Marketing, Burçun İmir observed that, “With the Araslar campaign realized at the end of the last year, we laid down the foundations for a powerful and sustainable image that distinguishes the brand. We wanted to convey to our customers on the 35th anniversary of our foundation that we provide different services and solutions for their versatile needs apart from creating confidence in areas such as speed and delivery performance. In the internet era – in which e-commerce is a lever for the economy, we have provided the guarantee of Aras Tahsilatlı service to over 3,400 companies so far”.

In its new advertisement campaign, Aras Kargo will use radio, newspapers, magazines, outdoor billboards, metro turnstiles, shopping malls’ security gates, and the rackets in business plazas as a medium, in addition to television.

Advantages of Aras Tahsilatlı

Aras Tahsilatlı is a practical service for those customers, who shop online, but do not wish to give their credit card information for payment, or who do not have a credit card. Payment for the ordered product is collected on delivery under Aras Kargo guarantee and transferred to the bank account of the seller. Aras Tahsilatlı provides convenience to small, medium or large enterprises in particular that sell products via electronic commerce (internet, TV, telephone, etc.), and who wish to offer the “option to pay the price of the product during delivery” and to reach a wider customer potential independently of their location.

Campaign Masthead

Advertiser : Aras Kargo
Advertiser"s Official : Burçun İmir
Advertisement Agency : Big
CCO : Güngör Türkömer
Creative Director : Kemal Hayit
Advertisement Writer : Cem Yolal
Arts Director : Gözde Menemenlioğlu
Agency Producer : Tuğba Özkan
Strategic Planning : Aslı Eti, Nilay Akhan
Customer Group : Aslı Seyhan, Cihan Gediz, Aslı Eti
Production Company : Otomat
Producer : Arda Erkmen
Director : Emre Aypar
Media Planning : Media Teamwork
Medium : TV, gazete, dergi, internet, açıkhava, radyo
Duration of the advertisement : 4 versiyon / ortalama 25”
Cast/Dubbing : Okan Yalabık, Volkan Severcan, Neslihan Dönmez

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