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Aras Kargo Women Employees Meet with Inspiring Stories of Women Pushing Limits

The women employees of Aras Kargo, Turkey’s leading and innovative delivery company, came together at a special meeting organized for International Working Women’s Day on March 8th and gave the message of an equal and fair world in business life and social life together. A conversation with journalist-Writer Elif Ergu was held at the event organized at Aras Kargo’s Ikitelli Transfer Center under the main message of “We are adding inspiring stories of women who have crossed borders to our own stories”.

Addressing the holistic sustainability perspective under the topics of governance, economy, environment, and society, one of the goals of Aras Kargo in its social field was determined as “gender equality”. Aras Kargo, which carries out a large number of projects for this purpose, emphasized its responsibility in this field by touching thousands of women employees on March 8th this year as it does every year. In addition to employment, and raising awareness for women"s equal and fair working conditions under the international commitments made within the scope of gender equality, Aras Kargo was the first delivery company to sign the United Nations Women Empowerment Principles in 2014.

There are no gender-oriented distinctions in the dictionary of Aras Kargo

Aras Kargo implements human resources practices that highlight a more balanced gender distribution in the delivery sector, which is considered one of the traditional jobs and has a high concentration of male employees. Selda Özacar, the Deputy General Manager of Human Resources of Aras Kargo, said that “Aras Kargo carries out various studies with an approach spreading to our ecosystem from within the company to make our conditions more balanced in terms of both number and job, career and advancement opportunities for women in the business world. Currently, 15 percent of our total number of employees are women. 50% of the employees of the Head Office and 30% of our information technology teams are women. Our female manager percentage is 26%. We are the first delivery company to sign the United Nations Women Empowerment Principles and we have taken some radical decisions to increase the number of female employees. In addition, we employ our female employees in many male-dominant units and positions, perceived as traditional business groups. Aras Kargo has female employees at every level and in every unit, from top management to motor couriers. We have added this responsibility as a goal to the goals of our managers in regional directorates. To support female employees in business life, we have implemented practices that will be helpful for their work-private life balance responsibilities to a certain extent. We have introduced flexible working hours for mothers. We provided a two-hour breastfeeding break every day until their babies turned one year old, one-hour babysitting break every day between one and three years old, and leave on Saturdays until the age of three. We have introduced a leave application on the first and last day of school and vaccination days. We have allocated hygienic breastfeeding rooms.

After our promise at the UN, we are increasing the number of female employees every day with all these applications and improvement works we have carried out for women. In addition, we carry out a development program titled ‘Gender Equality, Balance and Our Unconscious Biases’ to raise awareness about gender equality among employees and managers, as well as communication activities that increase awareness in this field.”

"Women Whom Cross Borders" inspired

A conversation on her book Women Whom Cross Borders was also held with the participation of Journalist-Writer Elif Ergu at the special organization organized for women employees of Aras Kargo. In addition, the issues of "Gender Equality" and "Profession Has No Gender" were also touched upon. The author"s signed book was presented to the female employees of Aras Kargo.
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