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Aras Kargo wins 2 more awards in the field of delivery and customer experience

Aras Kargo wins 2 more awards in the field of delivery and customer experience

Aras Kargo, Turkey"s pioneering and innovative delivery company, became the winner of the “Delivery” category at the ALFA Awards, which is considered the most important award given in Turkey in the field of experience design. Aras Kargo, which was also selected as the most successful brand in the “Complaint Management Experience” category at the same award ceremony, continues its efforts unabatedly to perfect the end-to-end customer experience.

Focusing on end-to-end satisfaction in customer experience, Aras Kargo received awards once again at the ALFA Awards, where brands that design the best customer experience were awarded as the “Customer Brand”. As in the previous year, Aras Kargo was the winner of 2 separate awards as the first in the “Delivery” and “Complaint Management Experience” categories this year as well.

Organized in cooperation with Marketing Turkey and AKADEMETRE, the awards are given as a result of face-to-face interviews with a total of 1200 people from 12 provinces at the ALFA Awards, where the winners are determined using the original methodology created by AKADEMETRE by international standards. The research, which includes parameters such as “Customers" desire dimension”, “Their desire to experience the brand”, “Communication dimension”, “Relationship dimension”, and “Brand awareness of consumers”, is carried out in more than 50 categories.

Stating that they received the fifth award in the delivery category and the third award in the complaint management category this year, Utku Ayyarkın, the General Manager of Aras Kargo, said that “In line with the expectations of our customers, we have prioritized providing a quality service that is compatible with the new world order and contains artificial intelligence, big data and product/service and personalization opportunities, keeping the technology focus in the forefront. Thus, we have redesigned our processes to align all stages of our business, such as distribution and delivery, operational activities, and customer experience, with increasing consumer expectations. Thanks to our end-to-end investments that we started in 2016, we have transformed from an “operation” company to a “technology” company.”

Emphasizing that they also focus on end-to-end satisfaction in customer experience, Ayyarkın said that “We are successfully continuing to increase our service quality and reduce the number of received calls and complaints. It is gratifying that our investments and applications focused on perfecting end-to-end technology and customer experience, which we have been pursuing since 2016, are also appreciated by the customer. We will continue to allow our customers to have innovative delivery experiences in line with their expectations and needs. I would like to thank all my colleagues who contributed to the process.”

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