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Aras Kargo was once again named the best in its sector in SocialBrands Data Analytics

Aras Kargo was awarded the gold award for the third time in the Delivery Category of the Social Brands Data Analytics Section at the Brandverse Awards, where the most successful brands and projects in digital are awarded. Aras Kargo was awarded for correctly managing the communication processes covering the correct strategy, content production, and management on social media platforms.

Aras Kargo, Turkey"s leading and innovative delivery company, was awarded the gold award in the delivery sector in the Social Brands Data Analytics Section at the organization, organized by Social Media Awards Turkey, which is Turkey"s most comprehensive social media awards, under the roof of Brandverse Awards this year. Aras Kargo, having won the same award at the Social Media Awards Turkey both in 2019 and 2020, continues to lead the sector with its applications in social media management.

In the Brandverse Awards, conducted in cooperation with Marketing Türkiye - Boom Sonar and supported by the Digital Marketing Communication Platform (DPİP), more than 55 thousand social media brand accounts were analyzed analytically according to the Social Brands Social Media Brand Index with a comprehensive data analytics assessment, in which Deloitte Turkey was included with its expertise. In the assessment covering the period of April 1, 2021 - April 1, 2022, many different data, such as the number of followers, follower growth, the number of messages shared, message types, the interaction obtained, and interaction types were discussed, and the most successful brands of each category were determined according to the comprehensive evaluation result. Aras Kargo was awarded the gold award in the Delivery Category of the at the Social Brands Data Analytics Department with its strategies and correct content management on social media platforms.

"The contribution of regarding digital channels with the understanding of satisfaction management is great"

Billur Burkutoğlu, the Deputy General Manager of Marketing of Aras Kargo, Turkey’s innovative and leading delivery company, remarked that "As a value-oriented company that attaches importance to sustainability, our approach to digital channels with the understanding of satisfaction management in the world of developing technology has made a great contribution to us winning this award. We strive to move forward with the fast and practical solutions we offer to our customers and to add value to our services by expanding our technology investments. Consumers" expectations and behaviors continue to change due to new technologies. Social media platforms, which continue to develop in this regard, also provide great convenience to their users in terms of accessibility and sharing experiences. We also take care to use these platforms not only to promote products or services but also to strengthen communication between us and our consumers. We keep all our posts open for comment and treat incoming user comments by giving them the utmost importance. We care about being in constant communication with our customers on all our channels. We analyze the feedback and follow all the processes closely. All these increase our "positive speaking" rate each day. I wish this award that we have won to be a source of motivation and an example for us in every step we will take in the future. I would like to express my gratitude to our stakeholders and colleagues who have contributed."

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