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Aras Kargo to prevent 6,000 tons of carbon emissions in 8 years

Aras Kargo, who wants to leave a livable world to future generations, put out all the stops with all of its employees with the purpose to develop eco-friendly products and business processes which are respectful to nature. Aras Kargo that established Turkey’s largest 100 percent electric vehicle fleet and renewed its existing vehicles in 2011 in order to reduce its carbon footprint, will prevent 5,787 tons of carbon emissions by the end of 8 years. This way, Aras Kargo will create benefit which can be created with approximately 18 thousand new trees in the nature.

Aras employees clearing Turkey’s coast

(Nature-Friendly Aras platform established in 2014 by Aras Kargo in line with the vision of protecting the nature, carries out many collaborative projects with TURMEPA (Association for the Clean Sea). Within the scope of this cooperation started three years ago, Nature-Friendly Aras Team prevented nearly 500 kg of waste to be polluted into the sea in Istanbul Kinaliada, Samsun Atakent, Izmir Cigli and Fethiye coasts in the year of 2016. 23.3 liters of fuel were saved with 233 kilograms of glass collected, 3480 kWh energy with 145 kg plastic, 75.4 kg raw materials with 58 kg metal and 950 liters of water with 38 kg paper. The first shoreline cleaning of 2017 was held in Buyukada recently and 100 kilograms of waste were collected. Besides, 52 young Aras with an age range of 8-12, visited the Underwater Waste Exhibition located in the headquarters of TURMEPA in Nakkastepe and received marine and environmental protection training at the Training Workshop.

Evrim Aras: ”Each Aras Kargo shipment allows one liter of water to be cleaned in the seas”

“We should learn and teach to respect the nature before the love of nature. No one has the right to leave our children a barren world without water and green.” said Evrim Aras, the CEO of Aras Kargo, who made a statement on the occasion of World Environment Day. Pointing out that the world is the only home we have; Evrim Aras continued her words as follows: “Research results show that our home is facing great danger in the near future as a result of nature destruction. These researches say that a water shortage may occur in our country in 2030. 48 percent of our country is in danger of erosion. In Turkey, 1.300.00 hectares of wetlands, equivalent to the three times of the size of Van Lake have come to an end to their ecological function in the last 40 years. We do not have time to wait or even think. It is very clear that we need a serious environmental protection policy to cover every stage of the society in order to prohibit this disaster as soon as possible. Young and old alike, our primary task should be to protect this world and keep it alive. As Aras Kargo, we did our best to protect the nature inheritance which was left to us. We even included our customers in this struggle with us. With the cooperation of TURMEPA, every shipment done by Aras Kargo allows one liter of water to be cleaned in our seas. We will also continue to work in the same direction with the same responsibility in the coming periods”.

Planted 140 thousand trees in 5 years

Aras Kargo planted nearly 140 thousand trees in Sivas Divrigi, Elazig Sivrice, Izmir Seferihisar and Istanbul Kemerburgaz in 5 years, with ‘Yeşile Hayat, Hayata Yeşil Projesi’ which it carried out together with CEKUL Foundation in order to protect the environment heritage.

Aras Kargo, who provided 25 percent energy savings thanks to the LED lighting and photocell systems used in the transfer hubs, and also makes a great effort for a green life by using materials that can 100 percent dissolve in nature.
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