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Aras Kargo to deliver a green legacy for future generations

Aras Kargo, Türkiye's leading and innovative shipping company, is pleased to announce its continued commitment to environmental sustainability within the framework of its vision to protect nature and leave a more survivable world for future generations. In celebration of April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day, Aras Kargo planted 11 thousand saplings in the forest, created in cooperation with the Aegean Forest Foundation in Tarsus. In a joint venture with the Aegean Forest Foundation, Aras Kargo employees' children were involved in an event where they gave their own names to the saplings.

Aras Kargo has established itself as an industry leader in sustainability, driven by its commitment to environmental stewardship. The company has been instrumental in afforestation and coastal cleaning initiatives, as well as in reducing its carbon footprint. In recognition of the upcoming National Sovereignty and Children's Day, Aras Kargo recently completed another afforestation project with the planting of 11 thousand saplings. 

At the event held in the forest created in Tarsus in collaboration with the Aegean Forest Foundation, saplings were planted on behalf of Aras Kargo's 16,000 employees. At the ceremony, each sapling was named after the young Aras, with the aim of fostering awareness about the importance of environmental protection and sustainability at an early age.

Onur Aytekin (Assistant General Manager of Operations at Aras Kargo), Billur Burkutoğlu (Deputy General Manager, Marketing, Customer Experience & Corporate Communication at Aras Kargo), and Yasemen Bilgili (Assistant General Manager of Aegean Forest Foundation) were in attendance at the sapling planting ceremony in Tarsus. The ceremony also included employees and children of the regional directors of Aras Kargo.

Onur Aytekin, Assistant General Manager of Operations at Aras Kargo, made the following remarks at the ceremony: "Each sapling planted today symbolizes the hope and life that we can all share. Living in harmony with nature is essential for securing our present and our future, both for us and for future generations. As part of the Aras Kargo initiative to commemorate the lives of those who lost their lives in the earthquake last February, we planted 5,000 saplings in Adana Sarıçam District in collaboration with the Aegean Forest Foundation.   Today marks the second phase of our initiative, with the planting of 16 thousand saplings, and we are proud to announce the addition of 11 thousand saplings to that number here today.”

Aytekin also drew attention to the project's objective of fostering awareness, stating: “As we approach National Sovereignty and Children's Day, we are organizing this event with the “Küçük Araslar” to promote sustainable forestry. As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility, our company will mark the anniversary of our saplings with the names of our children. This will serve to remind them of their responsibilities to the protection of nature and the environment. We made a significant contribution to the country's future by donating more than 200,000 saplings to mark the second centenary of our Republic. "We believe our future success depends on our ability to leave a meaningful legacy for the next generation. We are driven by a shared sense of purpose and a desire to make our mark on the future."

In a statement to the press, Yasemen Bilgili, Deputy General Manager of the Aegean Forest Foundation, said the following: "Aras Kargo is dedicated to safeguarding the natural environment in our country, to promoting awareness of the importance of forest ecosystems, and to encouraging their employees to take an active role in this effort. They remain committed to supporting nature through income-generating species afforestation projects. We are grateful for your efforts to protect and preserve nature.”

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