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Aras Kargo teamed up with 'Filenin Efeleri', to clean up the coast of Riva.

Aras Kargo, a pioneering and innovative shipping company in Türkiye, organized a beach cleanup campaign with the support of the Turkish Volleyball Federation which Aras Kargo is an official sponsor and DenizTemiz/TURMEPA (Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association). Filenin Efeleri also participated in the event in Riva. Having collected more than 4 tons of trash from the coast so far, Aras Kargo recycled more than 50 kg of waste throughout the event.

Since 2016, Aras Kargo's "We Carry the Blue of the Sea to Tomorrow" project, supported by Eco-Friendly Aras, an organization of volunteers, has been conducting coastal cleanups across Türkiye in partnership with DenizTemiz/TURMEPA (Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association). After collecting more than four tons of waste from different provinces with TURMEPA to protect the environment and nature, Aras Kargo, with the support of the Turkish Volleyball Federation, held a coastal cleanup event in Riva on Thursday, July 13.

In attendance at the event were Aras Kargo General Manager Utku Ayyarkın and his senior executives, Turkish Volleyball Association Vice President Selahattin Süleymanoglu, Organization and Marketing Committee member Kazım Gürkan Şahin, and DenizTemiz/TURMEPA (Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association) General Manager Semih Öztürk. Men's national volleyball team players Arda Bostan, Berkay Bayraktar, Ahmet Tümer, and Kaan Gürbüz also joined the beach cleanup campaign following their international success with the Filenin Efeleri. More than 50 kilograms of waste were removed throughout the activity.

Utku Ayyarkın, General Manager of Aras Kargo, the first organization to publish a sustainability report on the shipping sector, commented on the project, noting that globally, six million tons of plastic enter the oceans every year, threatening life in nature: "Aras Kargo, with the support of the 'We Carry into Tomorrow' platform and the eco-friendly Aras project, is implementing a long-term awareness-raising project to protect our country's forests, seas and resources. In this regard, with the help of our valued business partner TURMEPA, we have prevented more than four tons of garbage from entering the sea on Türkiye's 17 coasts over the past seven years and declared 'We Carry the Blue of the Sea to Tomorrow'. To protect and beautify our coasts and pass on this wealth to future generations is a task that must be accomplished, both environmentally and economically. As a brand that believes in the unifying power of sports, we recognize that contributing to the environment in terms of sustainable development is one of our main responsibilities. As part of our partnership with the Turkish Volleyball Federation, we cleaned the banks of the Riva River with members of the men's national volleyball team. We would like to thank the Turkish Volleyball Federation, its officials, and our players for their efforts.”

During his speech at the event, Semih Öztürk, General Manager of DenizTemiz/TURMEPA (Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association), noted: "We have achieved great success in our partnership with Aras Kargo since 2016. Together with Aras, which is eco-friendly, we have collected more than 4 tons of waste during the events we held in different provinces and coasts. Two years ago, our partnership was further strengthened with the official sponsorship of Aras Kargo merchandise. Thanks to Aras Kargo, we have been meeting our national athletes on the coast for two years now. We want to continue to protect our seas and nature by partnering with companies that can serve as an example to our youth and children. Thank you for joining us for a greener Türkiye and a more sustainable world."

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