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Aras Kargo takes home three awards at the Golden Leader Awards

Aras Kargo, Turkey's leading and innovative shipping company, scored 3 awards in the categories of "Most Admired CEO, CMO, and CHRO of 2022" at the "Golden Leader Awards" determined by the votes of hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of employees.

Aras Kargo, the leading name in the shipping industry, scored 3 awards at the "Turkey's Most Prestigious Leadership Awards", where a total of 46,615 votes were cast. At the Golden Leader Awards, "The 50 Most Admired CEOs, 50 CHROs, and 50 CMOs of 2022 in Turkey" were determined by thousands of votes from the business world. At the award ceremony, which was held between December 20-22, Aras Kargo General Manager Utku Ayyarkın accepted the "Turkey's 50 Most Admired CEOs" award, Aras Kargo Assistant General Manager of Marketing Billur Burkutoğlu accepted the "Turkey's 50 Most Admired CMOs" award announced on December 21, and Aras Kargo Assistant General Manager of Human Resources Selda Özacar accepted the "Turkey's 50 Most Admired CHROs" award announced on December 20.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Aras Kargo General Manager Utku Ayyarkın remarked, "We are proud to be deemed worthy of this incredible honour. On behalf of Aras Kargo, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the organization and voted. There is no doubt that the shipping sector is one of the most labour-intensive business lines among the service sectors. As someone who has poured their heart into this for the 20 years spent in this sector, I am beyond happy and excited to accept this award on behalf of our sector and the Aras family. In more than 40 years, we have not only reached all four corners of this country but also built a very dynamic structure that has opened up abroad and exports technology. I would once again like to thank my valuable colleagues, with whom we have travelled together on this journey of transformation, who is a real team of unique ideas, incredible efforts, and solid beliefs."

Aras Kargo Human Resources Assistant General Manager Selda Özacar said, "Based on the saying 'One builds a bridge, a thousand cross', we build bridges of value between us and our employees. With a human resources transformation centred on technology; by bringing each of our employees together with our learning and development opportunities; we are building bridges that safely reach the future, and contribute to our sustainability. Receiving this award as a result of all these efforts has been a great source of motivation and empowerment for us, and has once again proved that we are on the right track. I am accepting this incredible award on behalf of my team and all the Aras family spread all over the entirety of Turkey."

Billur Burkutoğlu, Deputy General Manager of Marketing, Corporate Communication, and Customer Experience at Aras Kargo, added: "Our role is to bring the customer experience to the top no matter the circumstances, as well as introducing our new services suitable for the new world, building a bridge of empathy between the efforts of thousands of our employees and the expectations of millions of our users. As we accept this award in this sentimental context, there are many honorable people I would like to thank. I would like to thank our valuable and esteemed management team, and thousands of Aras, I am accepting this award on their behalf. We will surely strive to continue working with the belief that the most meaningful thing we can carry is to carry values upwards."
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