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Aras Kargo returned with award from Alfa Awards

Aras Kargo is selected as the “Best Customer Experience Managing Brand”

Aras Kargo, attaching importance to customer satisfaction more than anything else is awarded the “Best Customer Experience Managing Brand” in A.L.F.A. Awards where the jury is formed of consumers.

Aras Kargo continuing investments with the vision of becoming a world brand has added a new one to its awards in the area of customer satisfaction. Aras Kargo carrying approximately 500 thousand shipment daily with its approximately 14 thousand employees, more than 4 thousand vehicles per day, 900 branches and 29 hubs received “Best Customer Experience Managing Brand” award in the delivery sector in fourth A.L.F.A. Awards organized by Marketing Turkey and Akademetre cooperation this year. Aras Kargo received the award at a ceremony held on May 24 in Bomontiada.

1200 people randomly selected in 12 cities across Turkey attended the research performed by Akademetre where the jury is formed of consumers. In the research, pre-sales relations such as customer desire and brand experience wills of customers, communication dimension and nature of brand’s communication activities and relationship dimension and brand's awareness in the consumer which create the first impressions of the brand were assessed.

At the end of assessment, Aras Kargo became the number one brand preferred by consumers in the delivery sector in terms of credibility, awareness and activity qualities that they created with pre-sale relationships. In addition, Aras Kargo created a difference in categories where CRM categories such as importance attached to employee satisfaction, personalized applications are assessed.

Hikmet Nuri Bulduk, General Manager of Aras Kargo awarded the first place among Turkey's leading brands in the delivery sector said that; "Aras Kargo, is a large family knocking approximately 500 thousand doors on average every day and trying to make the best with its 14 thousands employees. First of all I would like to thank hundreds of thousands of our customers whose doors we knock every day and all of our employees who spend effort for this purpose. We are aware of the responsibility of operating in a sector where customer satisfaction is at the top of the list. We will continue to work with our best effort to do better with the motivation that this success will provide to our team. "
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