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Aras Kargo recovers more than 260 tons of waste per year for environment

The "Nature Friendly Aras" platform created by Aras Kargo in line with its environmental conservation vision has recovered 262 tons of waste to the environment last year. Environmentally friendly electric vehicles in the Aras Kargo fleet also prevent thousands of tons of carbon emissions.

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Preserving nature and being active in environmental initiatives are vital for all organizations in today"s business world. Aras Kargo, having Turkey"s most extensive distribution network as a shipping company, shows great sensitivity to environmentally friendly practices and activities to leave a livable world for future generations.

“We are working to leave a better environment for future generations”

Aras Kargo General Manager Hikmet Nuri Bulduk said, "As Aras Kargo, we carry approximately 500 thousand shipment every day with approximately 14 thousand workers, more than 4 thousand vehicles, apx 900 branches and 29 hubs. In doing so, we leave the carbon footprint due to nature of delivery sector. It is not possible to replace our entire fleet with nature-friendly technology in one day, but there are many positive steps our company has taken in this matter, including renewal of our fleet. We replace our vehicles used in distribution, our products and services used in our offices every day with the environmentally sensitive technological developments."

Bulduk said that, "In line with this vision we have, we started to include electric vehicles to our fleet in 2011 to reduce carbon footprint in Aras Kargo. Today Aras Kargo owns Turkey"s largest 100 percent electrical commercial vehicle fleets. With the electric commercial vehicle fleet, we save an average of 10 percent on fuel costs per month. With this eco-friendly step taken, the average vehicle life of electric vehicles we avoid of 5,878 tons of carbon emissions in 8 years. This equates to the benefit of seeding nearly 18,000 new trees in the country.

Thanks to our advanced vehicle tracking system, which we intend to implement this year, we intend to further improve courier driving techniques and further reduce carbon emissions. Thanks to the LED lighting and photocell systems used in the hubs, we are saving 25% energy. Our cargo bags are self-destructing in nature with its biodegradability characteristics. In addition to these, in 2014 we created a " Nature Friendly Aras " platform consisting of our entire employees. We clean the coast of Turkey, together with our employees under this platform and we are organizing environmental training for our employees and their children."

Nature Friendly Aras Team recovered more than 260 tons of waste to environment per year

In line with Aras Kargo"s nature conservation vision, Nature Friendly Aras Team created in 2014 collected wastes from 8 from different coasts of Turkey and prevented marine pollution within the scope of works carried out with TURMEPA (Marine Environment Protection Association) within the last 2 years. Nature Friendly Aras Team , cleaned the coasts of Istanbul Kınalıada, Samsun Atakent, İzmir Çiğli and Fethiye in 2016, cleaned the coasts of Istanbul Büyükada, Trabzon, Van Lake and Bodrum in 2017. Within these two years, 500 Aras Kargo employees and their families collected a total of 2 tons of waste, 977 kilograms of plastic, 488 kilograms of glass, 263 kilograms of metal and 80 kilograms of paper. In 2017, Nature Friendly Aras Team , which collected 260 tons of waste and scrap from hubs and regional directorates, recovered a total of 262 tons of waste which could cause unrecoverable damages.

Bulduk stated that they will continue coastal cleaning activities in Antalya, Adana, Bursa and İstanbul this year and said that "We continue to collect the waste materials in our regional directorates and hubs ready for recycling. We will continue our training for our employees and their children during the year."

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