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Aras Kargo Recognized for its Applied Cargo School Project

Introducing its training platform Aras Academy to the shipping industry, Aras Kargo sets the bar higher by offering training to new employees in the First Step Schools opened within the Academy. Aras Kargo was recognized in “HR Projects Making Difference” category of PERYÖN.

Leading and innovative company in the shipping industry, Aras Kargo’s Aras Academy won the award of “HR Projects Making Difference” at the 8th edition of HR Awards of People Management Association of Turkey (PERYÖN) with the First Step Schools.

In 2009, Aras Kargo founded Aras Academy – the first professional training platform in the industry, making difference with leadership and development programs, professional and personal development trainings offered to its employees. First Step Schools were opened as an initiative of Aras Academy in 2014 – the first professional training school aimed at newcomers. A total of 5 First Step Schools were made available in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Bursa. Also featuring simulation branches, First Step Schools offer training to increase the effectiveness of orientation process and to maximize employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Majority of Aras Kargo employees is classified as blue collar workers. With First Step Schools, Aras Kargo offers training to employees while raising awareness and expanding horizons of its own ecosystem by providing them with social and constructive environments, e.g. library, foosball, innovation Wall etc.

Evrim Aras: My dreams have come true with Aras Academy and First Step Schools

Aras Kargo CEO Evrim Aras expressed her gratitude of being recognized with such an award and said, “When I started working in a branch in 2001, we used to grope around in daily operations. I thought that this isn’t how it should be. Based on my field experience, I dreamt about how this industry would adopt training approach. With Aras Academy and First Step Schools, I am proud to see that my dreams have come true. I am equally delighted to have won this prestigious award.”

Pointing out that this job required being fluent in at least 4 languages back in Ottoman Empire period or even before Aras said; “Back then, the most qualified people worked in shipping. Having this important fact in mind, we launched Aras Academy trainings to develop our business and industry. We have led the sector having human resources capacity of 100 thousand. Aras Academy was followed by First Step Schools – the first professional training school for newcomers. Offering applied trainings in simulation branches, First Step Schools enable newcomers to adapt our corporate culture and to have professional training across wide range of topics including problem-solving techniques to workplace ethics. We have given training to nearly 3000 professionals at First Step Schools. We are active in 4 cities and planning to open more schools to reach more people.”

Training at Aras Academy First Step Schools

One-week orientation at Aras Academy First Step Schools enables newcomers to get to know the company, to become self-aware of Professional business life, and to learn service details and selling techniques targeting the customer needs. Each school offers training to approximately 20-25 people per week. During orientation, employees are given training on a wide range of topics including technical information, occupational health and safety. Participants personally experience the work flow process.

Participants of orientation training at First Step Schools complete the orientation program, before they start working at the branches, as a fully-equipped courier professional thanks to “Sharing the Experience” videos in which unit managers at the headquarters give insights on what they expect from couriers and representatives and experienced couriers, representatives and managers of Aras Kargo share their valuable experience. Newcomers are observed for 45 days at work to determine whether the training is useful.

Aras Academy by numbers

Aras Academy First Step Schools graduated over 1700 participants since 2014.
Number of training prevalence in Academy in 2015: 19.072
Number of hours for training and development per person in 2015: 9,29
Number of online platform users: 5.000
Rate of training satisfaction: 4.74 / 5
Rate of trainer satisfaction: 4.58 / 5.
Avg. 10-point improvement in personnel turnover rates since the foundation.


Innovative and leading shipping company in Turkey, Aras Kargo was established in 1979 as Aras Distribution and Marketing. With 13 Regional Directorates, 28 Transfer Hubs, 825 branches, a fleet of 3320 vehicles and 12.000 employees, Aras Kargo serves 12 million users, organizations and institutions per month.
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