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Aras Kargo offers different solutions for different needs

Your shipment is at your door at 10 a.m. with Aras Gunaydin

Aras Kargo reminded its “Aras Gunaydin” service for urgent shipments that must be delivered early in the next morning with a new advertisement campaign. “Aras Gunaydin” service is explained by three separate advertisement films about morning rituals.

Leading and innovative brand of the shipping industry, Aras Kargo reminded its unique “Aras Gunaydin” service (also known as ‘overnight’ shipment in foreign countries), which guarantees address delivery of shipments given to the branch by 17:00 at 10:00 the next morning with a new advertisement campaign.

With Aras Gunaydin service, delivery information of inner city and intercity shipments under 20 kg/ds is provided to the sender with a short message free of charge.

Aras Kargo Assistant General Manager Burcun Imir: “Aras Gunaydin is a unique service for urgent shipments that need to be delivered the next morning.”

Stating that the gist of the ad campaign was to remind the viewers of morning sounds and rituals, Aras Kargo Assistant General Manager of Communication Burcun Imir said, “Different customers have different delivery needs. Aras Kargo has a wide range of services that can meet these needs. Sympathetic and hardworking representatives of our brand now offer a unique service for urgent shipments of individuals and organizations that need to be delivered the next morning with Aras Gunaydin. In our campaign where we use 360-degree communication media, we embrace the morning hours with their sounds and rituals.”

Two separate advertisement film about morning rituals aimed at individual and corporate customers give the message “If morning delivery is important to you, Aras Gunaydin service is perfect for you”. In the film aimed at corporate customers, we see the morning routine of a shopkeeper opening his shop in the morning, while in the film aimed at individual customers we take a closer look to the morning rituals of a white-collar employee before leaving for work. At the end of both films, Aras Gunaydin delivers the expected shipment. Third advertisement film of the campaign broadcasted a week after reflects the morning work flow and sounds of Aras Kargo during the morning journey of the shipment sent by Aras Gunaydin.

Completed in 2 days by a team of 19 people, advertisement films were shot at Selamicesme and Moda Aras Kargo branches Ikitelli Transfer Center.


Advertiser: Aras Kargo
Advertiser"s Representative: Burçun İmir, Banu Karaman, Beliz Şekerefeli

Advertisement Agency: Güzel Sanatlar

Creative Team: Kemal Hayit, Zafer Kulunk, Gözde Menemenlioğlu
Strategic Planning: Zeynep Demirci, Nilay Akhan
Customer Relations: Cihan Gediz, İrem Karadon
Production Company: İkinci Parti

Director: Sercan Çuhadar
Director of Photography: Sercan Çuhadar
Costume Design: Hasan Tahsin Yılmaz
Voiceover Artist: Volkan Severcan
Music: Kerem Doğrar-Tricks
Media: Televizyon

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