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Aras Kargo offers a first in Turkey: Send Your Delivery from Aras Burası Pop-up Stores

Aras Kargo, Türkiye's leading shipping company, keeps raising the quality of its services with innovations in customer experience. Aras Kargo is now breaking new ground in Türkiye by introducing the "Aras Burası Retail Drop-Off" service to consumers. This service, which is the first and only one in Türkiye, makes it easier and faster for consumers to send parcels through local retailers all around Türkiye.

Turkey's leading shipping company Aras Kargo's "Aras Burası Retail Drop-Off" service, the first and only of its kind in Türkiye, paves the way for a new era. With more than 2,800 Aras Burası points across Türkiye, Aras Kargo intends to be the most accessible and closest delivery network to its customers with its "Always Nearby, Always by Your Side" motto. With the "Aras Burası Retail Drop-Off" service, which was launched in November and is available all across Türkiye, customers can now easily send their parcels from the closest retailers to their own houses. Exclusive to the launch of the new service, customers will also enjoy a 40 percent discount on all private parcels sent using the "Aras Burası Retail Drop-Off" service.

"Aras Burası Retail Drop-Off" service, offers customers the opportunity to drop off their parcels whenever and wherever they like and also to pick them up from wherever they like, bringing great convenience to consumers, which is especially great news during the shopping season in November. As well as expanding access to shipping services, this service allows customers to send all their parcels, even returns, directly from the local retailers such as grocery or stationery stores that they pass by every day.
With the "Aras Burası Retail Drop-Off" service, which is the new solution for more practical and faster shipping, consumers can find Aras Burası Retail Drop-Off points closest to them, specify the size of their parcel, write their address details, make the payment online and drop off their parcels to their preferred retailers within 3 days. "Aras Burası Retail Drop-Off" service, which makes a great benefit for both customers and retailers, not only offers an easy and accessible shipping experience for customers but also a chance for retailers to make extra profit.

Utku Ayyarkın "That supermarket, stationery store, or pet shop you visit regularly is now an Aras Kargo branch" 
Utku Ayyarkın, General Manager and Board Member of Aras Kargo commented on their great happiness to have launched the first and only "Aras Burası Retail Drop-Off" service in Türkiye and added: "As Aras Kargo, we have focused on providing such flexible services to customers keeping in mind the ever-changing customer needs and expectations and building the requisite technological infrastructure. In this regard, we prioritize customer satisfaction and experience and always follow our motto 'Always Nearby, Always by Your Side'. Our "Aras Burası Retail Drop-Off" service is a privilege that we offer to our customers as the first of its kind in Türkiye. Our customers now have the option to send their parcels without going to the branch, regardless of time and place. With this innovative service, we are bringing shipping points to our customers in a much closer proximity, making it more accessible and easier for them. The supermarket, stationery store, or pet shop you regularly visit in your neighborhood is now an Aras Kargo branch. The positive feedback we receive from our customers keeps us motivated and we are committed to making this service even more widespread across Türkiye."

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