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Aras Kargo Launches New Website with A Strong Focus on User Experience

Having invested heavily in digital transformation in the past few years, Aras Kargo has launched a new website with a major focus on user experience. Equipped with an innovative and technologically advanced design, the website intends to offer users a much more efficient and easy shipping experience.

Aras Kargo, a pioneering shipping company in Türkiye, revamped its website to provide users with a more effective shipping experience, as well as enhance the digital outlook and make it much more user-friendly to access services through mobile channels.

As part of the development of the new website, we followed the results of user testing with real users and made sure that the new experience was tailored to their specific needs and habits. The new website, which also runs very well on mobile devices, has been refined based on user experience research findings, including the most popular features: parcel tracking, calling a courier, calculating shipment fees, and a nearest branch feature.

"You are at the center" on the Aras Kargo website

With the new website, Aras Kargo puts user experience at the forefront of its priorities: "You are at the center". We created a temperature map to understand which features were noticed on average and the habits of our users. Based on the user experience research findings, we improved several form flows - parcel tracking, calling a courier, calculating shipment fees, and finding the nearest branch - and added new communication channels for customer expectations and feedback processes.

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