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Aras Kargo is the first Turkish company to use 100% electric commercial vehicle

Considering fighting with the global warming as its top priorities, Aras Kargo continues to show efforts in reducing its carbon foot print. To that end, Aras Kargo and BD Otomotiv partnered up and Aras Kargo added eKangoo vehicle to its fleet which is a vehicle in BD Otomotiv’s electric light commercial vehicle segment. 100% electric powered vehicle enables Aras Kargo to be Turkey’s first company to ever use an electric vehicle.

Aras Kargo strives to reduce greenhouse emissions thus its carbon foot prints. eKangoo electric-powered vehicle added to its fleet in association with BD Otomotiv becomes one of Aras Kargo’s firmest steps into fighting with the global warming.

eKangoo electric vehicle of Aras Kargo is powered 100 percent by electricity. With full charge, the vehicle can take up to 110 km. Vehicles are charged approximately in 8 hours on charging stations to be built in Aras Kargo parking space and across Istanbul. They can be charged 20 to 80 percent in 30 minutes using Fast Charging Spots. Aras Kargo’s eKangoo vehicle can also be charged on a 220V plug.

Aras Kargo Chairman of the Board Evrim Aras said, “In order to reduce our carbon foot print, we put electric cars into use which are the most environmental friendly alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles. We are the first shipping company to user electric vehicle. We have a long way to go on green logistics in the sector. But as one of the pioneering companies in this issue, Aras Kargo will continue to realize environmental-friendly applications.” Aras stated that the vehicles were tested in terms of their compliance with Turkey’s conditions and their efficiency. Aras said, “We will further extend our electric vehicle fleet in the coming period. Aras Kargo’s strategic planning focuses on the environment. We will upgrade our fleet constantly in order to minimize the use of fuel and the damage we cause to the environment. In addition, through our Line Optimization Project, we introduce operations that aim to reduce carbon emission. We are working on business models that are environmental-friendly, create cost advantage and meet customers’ expectations at the same time without compromising qulity.”

Regarding Aras Kargo partnership, BD Otomotic Chairman of the Board said, “We focus our operations on energy efficiency. Especially, we are centralized on commercial vehicles because they cover more distances, consume more fuel and produce more carbon emissions. While commercial vehicles and busses comprise 1,5-2 percent of the total vehicles, their carbon emission and fuel consumption level is 25-30 percent. Aras Kargo’s environmentalist vision and our energy efficiency resulted in us partnering up with Aras Kargo. Their new vehicle eKangoo has caused great excitement in the Aras Kargo family. We believe that our profitable partnership will continue.”

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