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Aras Kargo is ready for the high season of campaigns for e-commerce:

Ayyarkın: “We are ready to visit three million addresses a day”

Focusing on digitalization investments in branches and hubs in recent years, Aras Kargo has sped up its investments in sorter system that separates small packages upon downsizing of shipment packages with changing consumer habits. Increasing the total number of small package sorters to 15, the company almost hit the 300,000 mark in its hourly package processing capacity. Aras Kargo, which reached a record high by visiting more than two million addresses a day during the busy period of online shopping, will be able to visit three million addresses a day thanks to its new investments.

Aras Kargo, Turkey’s leading and innovative delivery company, continues its investments with no pause. Aras Kargo adds new ones to its digital transformation investments that it started in 2016 in order to best manage the changing consumer habits and increasing e-commerce volume with the effect of the pandemic. Engaging technology in its hubs, Aras Kargo has focused on “mi sorter” investments, known as the small package sorting system. In addition to its existing sorters, Aras Kargo, which completed its investments in its Boğaziçi and Orhanlı hubs in Istanbul and the Ege hub in İzmir, is about to put the system into operation in the Marmara and Antalya hubs. After these investments, Aras Kargo’s total number of mi sorters increased to 15, while its hourly package sorting capacity almost hit the 300,000 mark.

Aras Kargo General Manager Utku Ayyarkın, noted that they are in the process of transforming from an operating company to a technology company, adding “The pandemic period, increasing e-commerce volume and changing consumer habits created a new model in our business. We are now visiting many more addresses and carrying smaller packages. In order to better manage the volume of small package shipments between 1-5 deci, in the past two years, we engaged machinery investments to sort small packages on both sides of Istanbul, as well as in İzmir, Ankara, Bursa and Adana. In these investments, we primarily focused on Istanbul, where the e-commerce volume is the highest. With the investment of two mi sorters in our İkitelli Hub, which was the longest sorter system in Europe at the time it was built in 2016, we increased our hourly processing capacity to around 30,000. We also increased our processing capacity to 20,000 with the loop mi sorter investment we made in our Boğaziçi Hub, which distributes to regions where trade is heavy, such as Beşiktaş and Şişli, on the European side. With our mi sorter investments in two hubs on the Asian side, where there are loads of e-commerce warehouses, we reached an hourly processing capacity of 20-25k in each hub. In addition to Istanbul, we also made similar investments in other big cities with a high trade volume and managed to increase our hourly processing capacity to 25,000 in İzmir, 20,000 in Ankara, and 10,000 in Adana and Bursa. In Istanbul Marmara and Antalya, mi sorters are about to put into use. With the additional investments we made in our hubs this year, we increased our small package sorters to 15 and reached almost the level of 300,000 pieces in our hourly production capacity. We also increased our operational capacity in order to better manage the increasing transaction volume with our 46 direct distribution warehouses that we put into operation during this period. We will continue these investments in different cities of Anatolia in the upcoming period.”

“Our new generation mi sorters are also eco-friendly”

Reminding that a well-functioning economy depends on the protection and efficient use of the environment, especially natural resources, Ayyarkın adds, “As Turkey’s leading and innovative delivery company, we continue to do our part to minimize environmental risks. In addition to having an hourly capacity of over 12,000 in each of our new generation loop mi sorters that we will commission in our Boğaziçi and Marmara Hubs, we also support a sustainable environment with low energy consumption. An even lower noise level also contributes to the comfort of our colleagues.”

“We have the capacity to visit three million addresses a day”

Emphasizing that one significant component of Aras Kargo’s established corporate culture is to have the ability to offer an agile and all purpose service model, Ayyarkın adds, “Accordingly, we have already implemented certain system changes required today. We invested in our operations and technology infrastructure to improve our service quality, efficiency and data management. With the 3-fold increase in our hourly processing capacity, we have become the most important player in the industry that produces work using automation. We are reaping the fruits of our investments in a period when the e-commerce and CEP recorded great increases in terms of volume and workload. We reached a record level by visiting more than two million addresses per day at the peak of online shopping during the period of full lockdown. We are currently able to knock on three million doors a day, with an hourly processing capacity of nearly 300,000 shipments, which we have reached in hubs thanks to our new investments. The last quarter of the year is the most active period of the CEP with the effect of e-commerce campaigns. We expect a higher volume than last year in the last quarter. We have already made our plans for this period at the beginning of the year. We are ready for the most active period of the year with our capacity and operational competence we have achieved with all these investments.”

1 billion TL investment in 5 years

Expressing that Aras Kargo is one of the most important players in the sector today thanks to their ongoing investments and operational experience, Ayyarkın adds, “We have set our priority as ‘quality’. We aim to take our quality to a higher level with investments in integration, route optimization and integrated management systems. We will continue to adapt ourselves to the changing needs and consumer habits. We are in the process of transforming from an operating company to a technology company. As one of the strongest players in this change and transformation, we are planning to invest 1 billion TL in the next five years for strengthening our IT infrastructure, digitalization and sustainability efforts. With all these investments, we aim to further increase our capacity and to further improve our quality service concept in customer experience.”

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