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Aras Kargo is at the top of e-commerce

SMEs prefer Aras Kargo in e-commerce

Aras Kargo, became the most preferred company in delivery sector according to the 2017 SME E-Commerce Report prepared by reviewing more than 3 million shipment.

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Aras Kargo having Turkey"s most extensive distribution network with approximately 14 thousand employees, over 4 thousand vehicles, 29 hubs and about 500 thousand daily shipment, continues to invest in infrastructure to make our sector benefit from growth potential of the sector in the best way and to enable our country utilizing its e-commerce potential. Aras Kargo, recently attaching importance to priority of infrastructure investments especially in terms of technology, has become the most preferred company in delivery sectorby SMEs according to the results of "SME E-Commerce Report" published by e-commerce infrastructure company İdeaSoft.


According to the report prepared to disclose the e-commerce processes of SMEs, over 3 million orders were analyzed from more than 6,500 virtual stores in 2017. Accordingly, 34 percent of these orders were requested from Aras Kargo according to the preferences of the courier express parcel market. According to the results of report, one of every 3 orders was made via mobile devices. Consumers preferred mostly monday for shopping while Marmara became the region where the most shopping was made through internet. When online orders are analyzed according to schedule, it is seen that users prefer to shop online between 14.00-16.00 hours.


In order to become one of the important players of the global in delivery sector accelerated by e-commerce, Aras Kargo technologically renewed İkitelli Hub Center as the one of the biggest hub with regards to both operations and square meters. With this investment, the capacity of the İkitelli Technological Hub increased from 5 thousand 5 hundred to 15 thousand per hour. Also in the last quarter of last year we signed an agreement with Alibaba, one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world. Aras Kargo plans to offer 5 major technological hub centers in Ankara, Istanbul Anatolia, Izmir and Bursa with new investments of 30 million Euros up to 2020. Thus, in addition to increasing capacity and productivity, we aims to bring solutions that increase savings and customer satisfaction.

Aras Kargo aims to enhance customer satisfaction to the maximum level with "Where is my shipment" application on the map which will start next year. In this system, customers will be able to easily follow the process from receipt of shipment by Aras Kargo to delivery to the receiver instantly via the map by entering only the Shipment Tracking Number from mobile phones or computers. The project, which is planned to be launched in the next year, will be a first in the delivery sector in Turkey. Aras Kargo continues to reinforce its leadership in the sector with new projects and technological applications that it has implemented in order to increase customer satisfaction.

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