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Aras Kargo has set a new roadmap for sustainability goals in collaboration with Austrian Post Office subsidiaries

Aras Kargo is now a competence Center for Sustainability!

Aras Kargo joined forces with the Austrian Post Office and its subsidiaries in Istanbul to
map out a new strategy for achieving its sustainability goals. At the organization where the
significance of collective action in sustainability operations was underscored, a decision
was reached to establish a Center of Excellence (COE) within Aras Kargo. This initiative
aims to centralize ESG activities.
Aras Kargo hosted a gathering with the Austrian Post Office (Österreichische Post AG) and its
subsidiaries at the Istanbul Burdock Hotel from May 13-14. It was agreed upon to establish a
Competence Center to centralize ESG activities and share Aras Kargo's knowledge and
experience in sustainability issues with other countries. The Center will determine new road
maps in sustainability processes and serve as a hub for the exchange of knowledge.
The organization was held in the presence of officials from the Austrian Post Office and its
subsidiary companies in Eastern Europe (Express One, Overseas, Slovak Parcel Service S.R.O,
City Express in Serbia, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Bosnia and
Herzegovina), as well as representatives from Starex Global in Azerbaijan, a subsidiary of
Aras Kargo, and members of Aras Kargo's sustainability team.
This two-day event placed a strong emphasis on the importance and impact of acting
together in sustainability processes. Meetings and workshops were held on a number of
sustainability topics, including electric vehicles and other sustainable alternative solutions in
parcel delivery, efficiency in energy consumption, renewable energy, and the EU Taxonomy.
“It is our intention to oversee environmental, social, and governance processes from a
single center.”
In her opening remarks at the meeting, Aras Kargo CFO Barbara Hagen provided some
insights on the company's new organizational structure and the joint sustainability initiatives
they are exploring in the near term. "As Aras Kargo, we are pleased to report that we have
taken important steps forward in our sustainability processes, with a roadmap that we
follow with the help of a committee dedicated to sustainability. In this context, during our
two-day meetings, we had the opportunity to come together with the subsidiary companies
of the Austrian Post Office from seven countries in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as
our subsidiary company in Azerbaijan. We had a productive exchange of ideas on the
projects we could potentially pursue in the field of sustainability. The establishment of the
Competence Center within Aras Kargo is designed to facilitate the identification of a shared
approach for the relevant group companies to achieve their sustainability objectives in the
areas of environmental, social, and governance practices in a timely manner.”

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