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Aras Kargo has been honored with the “Best Shipping Company for E-Commerce Experience” award for the fifth time!

Aras Kargo is on a mission to make every year better than the last. We're committed to
offering the best experience to our customers. Our dedication has led to us winning the
“Best Company for E-Commerce Experience Award” in the shipping industry for the fifth
time at the ECHO Awards, where the best of e-commerce is awarded.

Aras Kargo, Türkiye's pioneering and innovative shipping company, has once again been awarded in
the shipping category at the sixth ECHO Awards. The Best of E-Commerce was determined in
cooperation with Marketing Türkiye and Akademetre Research and Strategic Planning. Aras Kargo
has once again won the top prize in the shipping category at the ECHO Awards as a result of
extensive research conducted with 1,200 people in 12 provinces. The award is given to the brands
that offer the best e-commerce experience to customers.
The ECHO Awards, where the success of brands is celebrated, crowned their owners at a ceremony
held at Wyndham Grand Levent.
Selda Özacar: “E-commerce is all about flexibility and customization”
Aras Kargo Deputy General Manager Human Resources Selda Özacar shared the following comments
on the award: “As Aras Kargo, we make it our mission to exceed the expectations of our customers
from day one and develop the full range of our services to match their needs. The shipping industry is
a big part of the e-commerce ecosystem, especially when it comes to delivery and returns. We've
made some big investments in our services recently, both in terms of structure and technology.
We're really excited to be able to offer you a better service than ever before. We're all about
processing big data with artificial intelligence to provide you with customized services. We're so
proud to have built a very dynamic structure that reaches all corners of our country and even exports
technology abroad.
E-commerce is all about flexibility and customization. We're so excited to keep investing in new
products that will make it easier for you to get your parcel delivered in a flexible way, no matter what
time or place you need it. Today, our customers have the incredible opportunity to track and change
the delivery time of their parcel in real time with the Aras Routing Platform. This is an amazing
opportunity for them to direct their parcel to our Aras Burasi Pop-up Stores and lockers, to their
neighbors, or to the branch of their choice.”
“Our goal is to keep developing quick and easy solutions for our customers”
Emphasizing that flexibility and a customized experience increase the value offered by e-commerce
business partners and improve customer satisfaction, Özacar concluded her remarks: “Aras Kargo will
continue its relentless drive to develop cutting-edge, efficient solutions while significantly expanding
our technology investments. We are proud to have received the award for the fifth time this year,
solidifying our reputation as a reliable and effective business partner in the e-commerce ecosystem. I
would like to thank my colleagues and our business partners on the e-commerce side for their hard
work in achieving this success.”

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