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Aras Kargo gave life to 16 thousand saplings

Aras Kargo, Turkey’s leading and innovative delivery company, carried out the planting ceremony of 16 thousand saplings donated on behalf of 16 thousand employees in cooperation with Ege Orman Vakfı for the project “We Carry Forests to Tomorrow” in İzmit.

Publishing the first sustainability report of the sector, Aras Kargo continues to carry out its works with the vision of sustainability in various fields from afforestation to environmental and coastal cleaning and reducing carbon footprint, with the motto “We Carry It Into Tomorrow”. Aras Kargo, which has planted more than 150 thousand saplings within the scope of afforestation activities so far, is “carrying the forests into tomorrow”.

Aras Kargo conducted the planting ceremony of 16 thousand saplings donated on behalf of each employee at İzmit, Taşköprü in cooperation with the Ege Orman Vakfı (Ege Forest Foundation) for the project “We Carry Forests into Tomorrow”. Utku Ayyarkın, the General Manager of Aras Kargo, and Perihan Öztürk, the General Manager of Ege Orman Vakfı, attended the “Sapling Planting Ceremony”.

Ayyarkın, after the ceremony attended by senior managers and field teams of Aras Kargo, took place, stated that “We aim to carry out what is good and valuable today into tomorrow by making collaborations in the field of coastal cleaning, sapling planting, carbon footprint projects, and environmental practices that contribute to recycling with the participation of “Eco-Friendly Aras” that we established in 2014. At Aras Kargo, we have it in mind to work to increase environmental awareness and sensitivity in our country and to fulfilling our responsibilities as regards leaving a livable world for our children. In line with this, we care about the protection of the environment and natural resources.”

Perihan Öztürk, the General Manager of Ege Orman Vakfı, thanked the managers and employees of Aras Kargo, which sustainably creates new forests, whilst stating the following: “We know that the cooperation of NGOs, the private sector, and public organizations is very important in the fight against the climate crisis affecting our present and future so that future generations can benefit from the opportunities offered by nature and humanity can sustain its existence. Aras Kargo supported the aim of leaving a livable world to future generations by offsetting the carbon emission equal to 6576 tons of CO2 with a forest of 16 thousand saplings it created in Izmit Taşköprü. I wish it to continue its contributions to nature holistically and sustainably.”


Aras Kargo has been carrying out studies on sustainability in various fields for years both corporate and based on employee volunteerism. With the project “We Carry the Blue of the Sea into Tomorrow”, which it has carried out together with the TURMEPA Deniz Temiz Derneği, it has prevented more than 4 tons of waste from mixing with our seas by cleaning the coasts at 15 different locations throughout Turkey in 5 years. The project "We Carry the Forests to Tomorrow", has strengthened the lungs of the country by planting more than 150 thousand saplings so far. Within the premises of Aras Kargo, all of these works are carried out by 16.000 Eco-Friendly Aras altogether.
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